Italian inspo -Retro photoshoot part II

September is knocking today in our windows and absorbs the heat of these last days.

But it’s still the moment for vintage scarfs bought in Paris, vibrant purple lipstick, and a ride in a Triumph Spitfire.

So I’m sharing with you the second set of pictures taken by Alexandru Ivan  in old town Bucharest.

Again, thanks to Lore Make-up for my glam look, and Larisa Dragna for the amazing wrap red dress and emerald dress. Thanks to Alex Lupoi for thinking about the setup.


I have eclectic taste, and I love vintage style mixed with glamour and old world charm. Sonam Kapoor
Being glam is I think, not so much about the clothes, about what you see in a picture, but about the attitude. What you convey through those pictures.
What you tell through your eyes, moves, and what you inspire others, which in my case, hope is confidence, honesty and a touch of lust.
You want me to not walk away?
hrs__mg_0401All you thought, all you wanted, can be yours. Just imagine.
hrs__mg_0331Does this thing still work? Show me your songs.
hrs__mg_0491Just think about it…the old charm, the old faces, the old feelings, the new style
Honey, if you would have one chance to do anything you wished, what would you do?
A girl in a green dress is playful
Hey, I was thinking to go on this ride with you…
But I’m gonna wait here for him.

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