I’ve poured you in. Now what?

I’ve lived and I’ve died in your arms. I’ve let it all sink in, cover me, in all the feelings that your gentle lips would take me.

And I’ve poured you in. Like a sweet liquor that runs through your body warming you up.

I’ve drank you as if it were the last time I was offered a cup. I’ve let you run through me, when it hurt, when I was sad, when I was broken. And you have been there, searching through me. You have been there, covering my tears. And bringing, as if, in the palm of your hand, the sun.

I have touched your heart and I’ve never forgotten it. It is you that came to me, like someone who’s on a mission and knows exactly what he wants. Maybe you did, even from the start.

I’ve set you up for a challenge.

I’ve left you broken and I’ve ran from your hug.

I’ve left you with your arms wide open, when all I actually wanted was to catch you and never leave your embrace.

Two lovers who found each other in a crazy world, swirling in the beats of loud noises.

Two lovers that didn’t know where to.

I am sorry I ran. But I just can’t believe this is real. Cuz I am afraid the tale ends, and I don’t want it to.




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