Graceful- retro photoshoot part I

It’s always easier when you think of a song,right? 🙂

For this photoshoot I did together with Alexandru Ivan, it just comes to my mind the “you look like a movie” thing (from Adele’s song).

For the first part of the photoshoot, I wore a gentle, elegant, and classic elegant dress from Larisa Dragna, a designer whom I met at a fashion fair, and who actually designed the brides’ dress of one of my closest friends (I learned later on).

So, my friends and I came with the idea in a hot August day some weeks ago, to do a photoshoot. One of them had an old car, and I had old movies in mind, so we said: vintage car, retro clothing, old part of the own. Done!

I enjoyed it, it was somehow easy to imagine and actually feel like in an old movie. For the lovely make-up,as always, my dear Lore Make-up made me look glam and resist through the heat. For the hair, well, I found some scarf I had bought in Paris for a bargain, of course and used it to recreate one of the most iconic looks of the 50’s.

If you are thinking what model is the car we used in the photoshoot, well, think a bit about Legend. It’s a 1975 Triumph Spitfire and it’s damn amazing.

All in all, I leave you with my thoughts on grace and retro feelings, and the first set of pictures.



Concept: Alexandru-Nicolae Lupoi

Photographer: Alexandru Ivan

Dress: Larisa Dragna

Grace is something you are born with. You carry it with you. Others see it in you, when you walk into the room. You infuse it into the people you are close with.  It makes you unforgettable. Live your life with grace, and love, and make others happy.



Hey, you want to follow me for a ride in town?




A tad of Monroe moment



I ain’t coming down the same road again, I’m off to new destinations, baby.




I thought I saw you that day. My darling




I’m just a girl with big dreams. In a city full of chaos and color.




You got a nice car here, this might be the oldest car radio I’ve ever seen.




Darling, I’m off! XO

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