Day 2 as an intern at a grand fashion house in London

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Day two.

Run for the metro, get a bit lost between stations, put the gps on.

Right on time. Hair. Perfect. No, actually, I tried to,but just didn’t manage. Outfit? All black. No trace of personality should be shown, I guess?

Begin work, arranging at the centimetre the pieces, helping out with everything, just like the other girls, we, some of us, have a sparkle in our eyes. The one that says “I really want to work here”.

I do, yes. But I get it, no one gets to the top without starting from the bottom. But I have interned previously at other fashion houses and it always went the same path. At the end, they smile nicely, say thank you for the amazing work, then off you go. Another teen or graduate is anxiously waiting out there.

But today.

Today… in the morning a bit, and while I was having my lunch in the park, as do all the others, I had time to take it all in. To take in the London air, the vibe, to watch the people,how they unfold their seemingly unbothered-by-anything lives.

Today… in the showroom at this huge fashion house, one  of the most well known in the world, I was there… I kept looking at that table of 10 m long, where the teams sat and waited for the collection to be presented to them. Each had a different role, buyers,sales,etc. They all seemed happy working here. They even seemed happy between them, but the interaction stopped after a smile and a polite “how do you do?” question.

Anyways, I looked at them, I was eagerly waiting for some jaw dropping comments about textures, materials, ideas, etc. Nothing. Not much, besides “it’s pretty”.

I had so many things I wanted to say, regarding the way they styled them for the showroom, the way the merchandiser did (poorly) her job, etc.

ALL that was going on inside my head was that “It should be you up there, and you know it”.

But now I am an intern, and interns have to struggle to be nobody, because you don’t want to attract too much attention.

It should be you up there, and you know it.



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