Day 1 as an intern in the city of dreams, London, at a fashion house

There’s this girl. She packed her suitcase and went to be an intern for a couple of weeks in London.

Before she left, her head was full of a trillion thoughts. She was insecure, she was unsure of herself, she thought the competition can do better, that the other girls are better. That she is just someone, there.

She arrived in London, her messy hair, her catlike eyes, searching. Everywhere. Where is it? Where is the crazy world of the City of London?

After leaving the luggage at her friends’ house, she went out. To search for the life out there in London.

She didn’t have much to say about it, in the beginning. She wasn’t stunned.

First day at the fashion house, she was completely bewildered. I am not sure if she even knew who she was anymore, walking down those stairs, that lead THERE. But she knew she was strong, and that somehow, she was ready for this.

It was exhausting. The first day, it was damn hard, damn tiring. So the hours just passed by like crazy.

She went out of there like a person who didn’t know which path to take anymore, but I think, happy. In a way.

Her black outfit (we were all required to wear ALL black), was stained from the warehouse. She felt she had no personality in this all black outfit, and did not know if she could stand out. She immediately breathed in and let all of the wonders of London embrace her.

And they did.











Through that door…there it was


And after those stairs….


Hisilicon Balong
AAAAAAA what do we have heeeeere?? Always wanted to do a picture with this landmark 😀



Fish and chips yeap 🙂


Hisilicon Balong

Aaaand here it is the pose :)) After working the first day!

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