Someone who might have a clue about your deepest thoughts…
Who will want to pick you up in his arms when you are hurt and will keep wanting to do it even if you say you don’t want to
Someone who would walk the line with you.
Who would carefully place bandages over old wounds and who would take you to the sea and feel with you the sand and the breeze and who would gather little sand flies off ur face when smiling
Someone who would drive you absolutely mad. Every day. By the way they love, by the way they argue, by the way they smile so perfectly in the morning lights, and hug you tight and play with you under the sheets
Someone who will put up a fort for you and him and the kids and play till sundown with silly bonkers things and make life a wonder even more than it is
Someone who would drive you mad when they steal your food or critique your cooking skills, or who would never buy the right thing at the grocery store
Someone who knows the deepness in things and in you and who wants to get to know it more in life
Who wants to share the joys and sorrows, and is not afraid of the deepest lows and the highest highs
Someone who knows the value of honesty and of real people and who never lets go of the good
Someone who does good and sees good in people
Someone who’s there to jump with you when you are ready or just push you a little bit when you need to
Someone who knows that life is precious when you are genuine and do nothing to harm you
Someone who has a lot of baggage but shares it with you
Someone who knows the silliness and sometimes stupidity of weird looking objects and hobbies is something cool, funny and who doesn’t judge you
Someone who doesn’t think of you in terms of how much cellulite you’ve gained or how you’ve combed your hair today
Someone who knows that the gift of life is the most precious
Someone who is there to have best friend conversations anytime

Someone who sits on the couch with you and someone who ventures out into the unknown at 4.00 AM with you
Someone whose smell and touch you know so well but still want to keep on feeling it

Someone who isn’t afraid to feel

Someone who..always feels like HOME.

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