How many times have you walked into a shop this spring/summer and saw hundreds of linen pieces? How much have you noticed the slight change from cotton and polyester to linen and even fair trade products?

Well, this year, I am noticing it everywhere and I calling it “the rise of linen”. Linen had never really been so popular, had never really been trendy. But back in the 1990s it was pretty popular.

The Rise of Linen

From All Saints to Chanel, linen has been introduced as not only the practical, breathable element that we all need in our lives (thanks God), but as an ultimate summer piece and not necessarily supper affordable.

According to global fashion search platform Lyst, searches for linen have been steadily increasing since January and are currently up by 46 per cent.

Are People Crazy About Linen Right Now?

Have people gone mad about linen? Is the summer hear too strong to bear? Or is it just the feeling of being on trend, once again. And the actually cool part about it (besides that it literally keeps you cool) is that it’s not only aesthetics that appeals to the audience.

What Is Linen? Learn more about it

Linen is actually a sustainable material (in this world dominated by fast fashion) and it’s made from flax plant, therefore it’s biodegradable. Who knew? Pair a “healthy” material for the environment with confort, and trendiness and you got yourself a winner.

How To Wear It?

As to how to pair linen pieces for this summer, I love midi neutral or pastel linen A lined dresses paired with wedges or bumper sandals, or a simple pair of jeans and a white off the shoulder linen blouse.

And if you think linen is only meant for summer, wait…linen can actually be paired with a lot of warmer pieces in order to feel cozy and still get that natural neutral vibe to your outfit! For autumn wear, you can pair a linen dress with an oversize teddy coat and high knee boots!

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