Parted lips, a last soft touch on each other for the well departed.

Cryptic. Mysterious, hidden, unknown, and yet so well explored. You explored her skin with your fingers, gave yourself air when you needed it most, you touched nirvana. You explored her eyes, and she touched your chest. Laid her hand there.

Hi, he says. Hi, she says back. Smiles start to sketch on both their faces. It’s as if they’ve known each other since forever. Maybe this is their forever.

A handshake.

The door closes behind them. They smile, a bit uneasy. Clumsy? Decided. Set on each other. Badly. But good. Damn good.

They climb into bed. Oh, it feels surreal.


It’s a weird but wonderful thing, laying in bed, listening to hearbeats. Sometimes it makes you feel butterflies, you’re listening to your soulmate’s heartbeat. And it’s calming, it’s serene.

A connection.

Two souls that meet with their universe upside down. A first kiss and a handshake. A “hello”. A connection. That’s all that matters.

Because nowadays real, true connections, they are not for sale, my friend. You cannot find them in newspaper kiosks, or clubs, or in a cafe, or online, you cannot find them everywhere you go, even if you meet new people.. They’re just not easy to find. And you crave for them.


All you dreamt of is right here. You would normally have gone by now.

A touch.

When you run your hand through someone else’s body, when you “draw” with your thumbs on their skin and your lips leave traces all over. When you embrace them. It’s powerful. It is like two worlds colliding. And you don’t want to leave this place. Ever. You feel safe, harbored. Your heart slows down, because it knows. It’s where it needs to be. It’s where it yearned for, it finally found it. The person they were not bored with. The human that was the most human of all. And together, you were a world.

We crave it. The connection. The realness.


Reverse. Unwind. Or fast forward to another ending.

She climbs out of bed, puts on her shirt, her black jacket, walks out. Smiles. She doesn’t believe in love. That’s the ending where she would have made the right choice.

A last kiss.

Parted lips. You see each other. Heartbeats. A connection. A touch. Lost.Reverse. Fast forward. Rewind? Start again? Unwind. Heartbeat.

Parted lips, asking for air.

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