This year I got an invite to Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week and even though life happens and I could not make it, the lovely humans at A Story To Tell sent through some beautiful imagery from their show.

So the reason why I felt so connected to A Story To Tell, a designer collective, is because it tells the story of 7 designers and they are dedicated to fighting for equality, as well as inspiring people to chase their dreams.

In a world full of mass fashion, full of lookalikes, authenticity stays waiting in a corner, to be revealed. A Story To Tell is a story in itself, through its designers, creations and most importantly, SOUL. And I think we need more of that.

I will now leave you with some impressions and snaps of their fashion show in Paris, and a bit of the background from each designer. Soon, I will get to see them in Paris! 🙂


DESIGNER: Anna-Elise Ghislaine
IG: @aannalie

“To all us younger brothers. We should share the things we see through our own eyes. Let’s drop the judgements we have and be equal. Because in the end, that’s all we are”.

This collection is inspired by the Arhuaco tribe I visited in Colombia. With a contrast of the luxuries we have in this modern world today. And vacuum cleaners are one of them. To respect the tribes wisdom of the earth and their simplicity in life this collection is almost entireley made out of waste material.

“We have the power to take care, to create the smile of others and It’s up to our souls how we will be remembered”.

For now, let’s have a coca party! First photographer: Credits for Shannon Lee

Second photographer, credits voor Prasantha Yahampath


DESIGNER: David Paulus
IG: davidpaulusofficial

I dream with my eyes wide open

I dance and desire
Scream with my lips soft and sealed
” Phantasy, phantasy on fire

The world is a colourful cartoon
and we, dolls, float and fly
Lust for love, lust for life
Spread our wings in the sky

Fairytales are my drugs
art is my passion
my fascination, home and heaven
This is Pop-art fetish fashion

Credits for Photographer: Prasantha Yahampath

How it was seen on Instagram:

Hope you enjoyed reading about A Story To Tell and watch out for their designs, as I have a feeling they are amongst the new must watch emerging designers.

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