My love, many say you traded your dreams for tokens. You seem lost, hey, going on those paths so well known by you, on every continent.

I knew you. Your heart, your soul, what you were capable of. Maybe not all of it, though. Not the dark side.

My love, as you walk, I know your hands are sometimes searching. As you whisper, winds are changing, flights are pending, laughters are missing, touches are hurting. As you lay down at night, I know the walls seem to crumble into tiny pieces, you are meant to sleep without walls and roofs. You need to be free, there is no confiments.

My love, as you cry inside, the happiest face you put on on the outside. As you walk down hallways and go up hills, and swim through storms, when you come up to the surface, in the end, there is no second breath.

My love, they say you traded everything for a gust of wind. For a flicker of change and because of broken compass.

I knew you but see, love is a crazy thing. It makes you feel too much, and think you know the person too much, and it makes you live in their world for a bit. That’s how I abandoned mine, somehow. That’s how I lost me a bit.

My love, as sunrises come again and she is not there, time will leave its mark. And there will be more sunrises but will they feel the same.

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