It was my first time ever in Thailand and in Bangkok and we had traveled overland from Malaysia, through Singapore and then took a bus to Bangkok. The journey was long, so we needed a well deserved rest. Vince Hotels invited us to stay for a couple of days in Bangkok and it was the best stay ever.

An Eye For Detail

Everything was so carefully laid out in the room, at the restaurant and the common areas. This hotel has definitely made an impression on me, and even though I was tired and jetlagged when arriving there, I couldn’t help but notice all the tiny details.

The fresh flowers, the organic products such as honey and biscuits on our table, fresh fruits, and the perfect combinations of colors and textures in the design of the place makes it truly unique. Oh and did I mention you could pre-book an airport pickup for free in an old vintage car? How cool is that?

Stunning Views From The Rooftop Over Bangkok

I think the “piece de resistance” of Vince Hotels is the stunning view of Bangkok from the rooftop. You can sip a cocktail, lounge by the pool, or just dive in and while taking in stunning views.

It was actually extremely hot when we took these photos but we refreshed afterwards in the pool and with a cocktail in the inside bar.

An American Diner and A Selfie Room

Yep, that’s right, an american diner and a selfie room. One of the areas that I loved most in this hotel was the super stylish American diner situated at the 8th floor, that offers amazing views over this bustling city, one of my favorite cities in Asia.

These are some of the photos that I took at the diner, it is a good photo spot:)

It is quite hard to compare this place with any other hotel in Bangkok, because it kind of caters to such a vibrant yet diverse audience and also offers so many diverse areas. You can check out a short Instagram video I did from up there below:

vince hotels bangkok

The selfie room is a place where you can get professional photos because of the lighting and space (it doesn’t come with a photographer also though sorry!). I liked the idea of having a space, at least for us, content creators, where we can channel our creativity inside a hotel, besides the usual areas of a hotel.

Delicious Thai Food and Treats

We were treated to a diverse range of Thai foods and desserts and smoothies! I looved the papaya salad and the spring rolls! That night was a date night and I ate so much I was glad I had a large maxi dress on haha!

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