Yeah, they say we break. They say this soft tissue of ours that we have in the core of our being breaks. And when it does, it leaves us in a void, struggling to swim through loss.

They say these hands of ours will keep searching for that someone. That these eyes of ours will see the truth and the love in someone, they will recognise it. Maybe they’re wrong?

They say that when you don’t see someone for a long time, being back together makes it sweeter. Is it?

They say these poor feelings of ours, hanging by thin threads, will make us remember who we are.

I think this “they” it’s a voice of the world that we have created in our heads. Maybe we need one, so that we measure our voice in relation to it, so that maybe we try to find peace and clarity in chaos. So that we don’t talk and listen just to our voice, so that we find another one, who can show us what’s right, and beautiful, and what’s wrong.

I say, f*** it all. The only voice we have baby is us. YOU. ME. Each one of us, we should know deep down what we’re made of, what kind of dust sits inside, and what we can bring to the world, so that we can say “I was here”.

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