Bucharest is usually described as grey or very urban, ex-communist buildings blending with new architectural glass buildings. Some say it is rather moody and gloomy in winter, but in spring, it all comes to life. Bucharest in bloom is absolutely magical. So I thought I’d make this guide on where to find cherry blossoms in Bucharest and where are the best Instagram spots.

When Is Bucharest in Bloom?

Bucharest is in bloom usually after 15th of March, but depending on the changes in the weather each year, it can happen in early April.

Bucharest Cherry Blossoms Where To Find Them And Instagram Spots

The Japanese Garden ( Gradina Japoneza)

One of my most recent photos was taken here, in the Japanese Garden in Herastrau park. It was taken one week ago, when the trees were in full bloom. Now, the cherry blossoms are pretty much gone, but it’s still great for an Instagram spot. You can find this spot as you enter the park from the Arch of Triumph.

Dacia Boulevard

One of the oldest and most beautiful boulevards in Bucharest, our little Paris, is Dacia boulevard. This area is also a great place to go on a stroll, especially at weekends, when it’s quieter, and you can admire old charming villas and then chill on a bench in the Ioanid park.

Herastrau Park

Another Instagram spot in bloom in Bucharest is Herastrau Park, right in front of the famous wheel. There is one beautiful spot filled with acacias.

Verona Garden

Gradina Verona is one of the best gardens to chill in the heart of Bucharest, with fresh lemonade and cool vibes. It also has a beautiful facade as you enter with acacia.

Hope you enjoyed this post on where to find cherry blossoms in Bucharest. Stay tuned on my Travel section of inspiration, itineraries and travel advice.

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