You will leave your t-shirt on the floor, but you will walk out thinking how good that white shirt of yours looked on me in bed.

You will drink your coffee in the morning and something will flicker through your mind. A second. A thought.

You will drink as if the earth is going to be on full draught, with no drops left. You will run towards your hiding place, or run just to keep on hiding.

You will keep on your broken smile and when time sways around, and the seasons change, you will ask yourself if you’re truly happy.

Your hands will touch moments, and think about moments in time. But all they will touch is thin air.

In a breezy morning, when you’re laying in bed naked, with the windows open, soft fresh salt air coming in, you will sigh. You might lean on your pillow or stare at the ceiling. But there will be nothing there.

You do the things you do because that’s what you know. But maybe the meaning of them won’t become a meaning until you’ve figured out how people love in this world. How they break and bend and mend together. How the universe has a strange way of showing us what is really of value, what is hard to find but oh so easy to let go of.

I have a deep desire to find meaning and value in my life. And so glad I shook a lot of the things that were heavy, such as your memory, off. I love my smile and it looks so damn good on me. So I took it back. I took my life back and I know when I’ll wake up in the morning, what I’ll see around me is a filled room with air, hope, peace, confidence in myself, strength, and my dreams, right here.

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