Bucharest is my hometown and also home to a mix of old and new architecture and urban crowded spots. In one of these April spring days we decided to go out and shoot, as much as possible.

So we went and did a beautiful sunset light photoshoot in Bucharest, covering the city center along with the famous Instagrammable communist building.

The photographer of this shoot was Matei Edu and you can find his amazing work on Instagram. I wore a H&M outfit paired with Zara shoes, and a beige trench coat. I think Bucharest is such a weird chaotic place to shoot, but at the same time, it challenges your creativity.

These shots were taken at sunset time, on the crossing next to Piata Victoriei, a quite busy area especially at rush hour. I was running in between traffic lights so that Matei could snap these photos! It was fun though 🙂

He says it’s out of focus but I like it even like that!

One of the most instagrammable places in Bucharest, that resembles the famous Yik Cheong building photo spot, is located in the city centre. However, I can give you the directions if you want to find it more easily.

The old communist building can be found on Vasile Conta street, right after you turn left after ING Bank on Magheru Boulevard. Although this place has helped push Bucharest more on Instagram, opinions are divided on this spot. Anyways, happy snapping if you go here and hope you enjoy these photos!

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