We search endlessly. We drop everything on the floor, we scramble through mud, through darkness, through torn sheets, through polaroid photos, through t-shirts that still smell of them, through hurt, through tears.

I think each day is a quest. We are in search of something. Sometimes it can be a new home, a new closet, a gift, an experience, a person, an achievement. We never stop,do we?

Maybe we do. But people who always crave for more, they never stop. And it’s only human to crave for more and more. We think that might we might be imbued and that once we get that, once we have that, we can sit back and relax. But it’s not true. We keep on climbing on each other, and fighting fights that are made up. We keep on stepping on feelings and carving our way forgetting what is the right thing.

Our hands keep searching, from the moment our body is awake, till dawn, for something new, and for someone that belongs. Where? Here. Right here.

And why is it so hard? Are things meant to be like this? We might sit down for a while and think, I need more, I want more. But sometimes we forget that life is not about that.

Life is not about more. It is about what.

It might be chasing sunsets with your favorite person, it might be making someone’s day happy, it might be about feeling peace, it might be about what change we brought into this world.

Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you tired sometimes of this chase? It seems..like you get lost in it. Because your heart is not full, because it has a void that probably no people can fill, but only experiences, you think you need to go further.

And if you’ve never felt these feelings before, and if you don’t know how to deal, why do you prefer to run than see what life with a purpose is all about?

I feel like in this world of ours chasing something has become a primary element in our daily lives. And it’s great chasing moments and dreams. But sometimes we end up chasing ourselves or the other ones around us as well. Even though we need more, we grow more, we ask for more, we think we are supposed to have more, let’s not forget about the “what”. And that’s not an easy thing to absorb. This powerful ” what” in our lives.

I feel like I need more purpose to bring into this world and I feel like maybe this is the moment where I’m awakening. Where I try and see beyond just myself, beyond just me and my needs, where I see something that can help others.

In this world of ours, we can run and hide, and explore thousands of seas and lands. But our hearts can still be barren, if we have more, and don’t have what.

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