It’s rainy today, misty. I wake up on a bed of fog and when I try to touch the ground, there’s nothing there. I think I am still caught in the dream. I dreamt that we were having a conversation. Funny, right? How life, how a part in your brain somewhere, not in the conscious side of it, tries to surface something, to talk to someone who doesn’t exist.

I lay back down on my pillow and a flashback takes me back in time. To when moments meant something completely different.

I close my eyes and the words, the crazy nights, the touches, the way we knew how to move our bodies in sync, they show something. Or maybe it was just a cloud, we were up on a cloud, all these happened but then they had to evaporate.

I thought we are together through thick and thin. Through scars, through the crazy highs, to the dirt lows. I thought and silly me, I felt, like that was the only way. Through thick and thin.

I open my eyes. I exhale you, I exhale everything. I know there will soon be someone else next to me. But will it ever mean the same, will it ever feel like thick or thin, like the same bond, or will it just be another one.

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