If you’ve been to Bucharest or if you live here, you might know that by now Bucharest is slowly but steadily becoming one of Europe’s hidden gems. Even more than that, Bucharest is becoming the new hot coffee place to add on your list. Here is the complete guide to the best coffeeshops in Bucharest.

T-Zero Cofee Shop, the Tiniest Most Instagrammed Coffeeshop in Bucharest

T-zero coffeeshop came to life thanks to Ciprian Cosma, who took barista classes at Barista School and Origo. He decided to quit his job to start this business out of passion. So he started T-Zero, a new specialty cofee tiny shop in the heart of the city. Having partnered with lifestyle influencers, it quickly became the tiniest most instragrammed cofeeshop in Bucharest.

Address: Strada Dianei 1, București 030167
Price: 10 lei – 20 lei
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The Best Coffeeshops in Bucharest in 2019

The Coffeeshop, a Good Coffee With a Street View

For the coffee aficionados, this place is heaven. The Cofeeshop offers all types of specialty coffee, including turkish, french, Columbian coffee, Ethiopian, Indonesian and more. When talking about the best coffeeshops in Bucharest, this place comes among the top.

You can find Robusta coffee, Richard or Costa Rica and the baristas there can talk for hours about your coffee, how it’s roasted, where it comes from and why it has each specific flavor. So more than just grabbing a coffee while you’re strolling in the city center, it’s all about the story of the coffee and educating the senses. You can also buy the coffee there if you fell in love with the taste or buy it on their online shop.

This coffeeshop also has great street views, and I loved being there and drinking my coffee, doing some people watching and staying inside, while outside it was still a cold spring day.

Address: Mendeleev, nr.10 București
Price: 10 lei – 25 lei

Origo, the Most Famous Coffeeshop in Bucharest

Locals know that it’s not easy to grab a seat at Origo, at any time of the day, especially at weekends. The reason is that Origo is the first who introduced specialty coffee and the art of drinking coffee in Bucharest and that basically a bunch of cool people come here, including artists.

This is why I say that Origo is probably the most famous coffeeshop in Bucharest and it’s a must if you are visiting Bucharest for the first time. It is also located in the Old Town so you have a chance to also do some sightseeing or take a walk in the nearby park, Izvor, afterwards.

Address : Strada Lipscani 9, București
Price: 7 lei – 25 lei
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Photo credit Origo
The Best Cofeeshops in Bucharest in 2019
Photo credit Origo

Dianei 4, the Best Flat White in Town

Dianei 4 is one of the coolest bars in Bucharest, situated in a very old embezzled house, with artistic vibes and a wild garden. Besides delicious food, brunches, cool events and concerts, this place also has the best flat white in town. I think I have become a bit addicted to it, since everytime I go to Dianei 4 I order one!

Address: Strada Dianei 4
Price: 9 lei – 16 lei
Facebook page

The Best Cofeeshops in Bucharest in 2019

Manufaktura, The Unique Coffee and Ceiling

Manufaktura is known for its unique machine of mixing and grinding coffee, but also for its ceiling. In every Manufaktura coffeeshop in Bucharest you will find the ceiling is decorated with coffee beans made of wood. 

Manufaktura is a great place to drink coffee, have lunch and work from, as it has large spaces, with big windows, a chilled vibe and amazing Internet connection, besides really friendly staff.

I first discovered Manufaktura, its amazing lattes and espressos while I was working from their Mega Mall location. I now switched to the Victoriei coffeeshop, as I love that area and the view over the busy city life.

Address: 8A, Bulevardul Aviatorilor, București
Price: 9 lei – 16 lei
Facebook page

Teto Coffeeshop, Do Everything With Coffee

Teto coffeeshop is a rather new addition to the coffee scene in Bucharest. Brought to life by Posea Dan, a young entrepreneur, this coffeeshop wants to bring more energy and soul to the coffee drinkers.

At the two Teto locations you will find specialty coffee and also homemade cakes, and soon they will offer their own range of foods. Can’t wait to taste them!

Address: Teto Tineretului, Calea Șerban Vodă nr.180A
Teto Unirii, Strada Bărăției nr.52
Price: 9 lei – 20 lei
Facebook page

Photo credit Teto

Photo credit Teto

Hope you enjoyed this post about where to find the best coffeeshops in Bucharest and let me know if you try one. Find more travel inspiration and advice on my Travel section.

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