I have traveled to Bali so many times and lived there for about 7 months in total, and in this time we have been Airbnb hopping. I got tons of questions and messages about the places we stayed at so it’s time to make a round up of the best Airbnbs in Bali.

Ultra luxurious villa in Umalas

One of the best stays or probably the best stay we had in Bali is this ultra luxurious big villa in Umalas. The rooms were spacious, they were really nicely decorated, it had a huge open kitchen and a pool table, a relax area, a working area, and the most amazing pool in Bali, I might add. At nightime, the pool was ligthed up in different colors.

These Are The Best Airbnbs in Bali - Best Places to Stay in Bali 2019

The location of this place was great because it was in the heart of Canggu, yet far away from the noise and crowds. To reach it we had a nice little shortcut ( a bit of a muddy one with potholes through the rice fileds but hey) and could easily reach the main cafe spots and the beach.

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Amazing Villa With Amazing Owner Dogs and Pool in Mengwi

This was such an amazing villa, that offered us quiet, a great pool, amazing views from the bathtub and from our bed, and a great workspace. The owner is an entrepreneur an amazing person so we were really lucky to find this place and book it. We actually got it for one month and stayed friends with the owner.

I couldn’t resist a photoshoot there, and the photos were taken from our room. Such amazing views! The pool was also in the shade in the afternoon, which I absolutely loved!

TIP: Watch out for monthly discounts, as it can actually sometimes turn out cheaper to get the discounted rate for one month than rent for two weeks.

Really Affordable Room With Pool in Berawa

One of the cheapest Airbnbs I ever stayed in but also one of the best, with a super confortable bed, really clean room and spacious room and a big pool is Adi Guesthouse. It’s located right in between Berawa and Raya Canggu and it’s easy to get around from there.

We booked this place for 10$/night! It is crazy how affordable it is and how cheap this beautiful place was. If you haven’t signed up to Airbnb yet, you need to, because trust me, it will change the way you travel. I have 30£ to offer if you sign up with my code. If you then share your code with someone you can also travel for free!

You can book Adi Guesthouse Airbnb here.

TIP: There are many guesthouses for 10$/night or even less in Bali. However, make sure to take a good look at the photos, as some might be in noisy areas or might have a tinier room than advertised.

The Fabulous Bubble Hotel On An Empty Beach in South of Bali

You might remember having seen the birthday surprise in Bali, where we stayed at the bubble hotel. It is one of the craziest Airbnbs and most beautiful Airbnbs in Bali. You get to stay in a bubble, under the stars, on a beautiful beach with no one around.

This was the best Airbnb experience of my life. And I definitely recommend it if you’re planning to spend a romantic away in Bali. I recommend for one night though. It is also more pricey as it’s about 100$/night.

To see more of it and how the experience in the Bubble Hotel in the South of Bali was, you can watch my video here:

You can book this bubble Airbnb here.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, as I have had soo many messages from you guys about recommendations where to stay in Bali. This will also be updated regularly as I have many more to add on to the list. Make sure to check back for more travel advice and inspiration here.

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