Before I started my Youtube channel, every time I was filmed or I was in front of a camera, I was terrified. Even starting my Youtube channel was a big thing. So now, after about 100 videos later, I decided it’s time to share my four tips on how to start vlogging when you’re afraid of being in front of the camera.

#1 TIP: Take A Look At Yourself in The Mirror and Talk To Yourself

It might seem weird but I definitely recommend taking a look at yourself in the mirror and encouraging yourself. Say to yourself: I am smart enough. I am good enough. I am funny enough. Say everything you know you are good at, encourage yourself.

The puporse of this exercise of talking to yourself is to look at yourself and get that confidence you have within you to be able to start filming yourself. Say that you believe in yourself and that you can do it. Being on camera is a fear, but it can be conquered.

When I started filming, I was afraid of what I look like, of what people would say, etc. None of this matters. People will care just about you and the message you convey. Have that little bit of confidence in yourself, believe.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality. If you’re thinking of starting vlogging, that is what it means. People will follow you and journey because of who you are and we are all unique. You have a passion, you have something to show, so show it.

#2 TIP: Seek Inspiration

Have a look at what other people have done, or how other people talk about vlogging, maybe how other people have started out. Watching other videos and getting that inspiration and motivation might help you through.

Watching inspirational and motivational videos might even help you get an idea of what your channel will be about, the theme, and give you more of an idea. Inspiration is really important in the process of creation so getting that bit of it from others will help.

#3 TIP: The First Video is The Hardest

Once you pluck up that courage to make the first video, trust me, things will just flow so much easier. I think that having the courage to put that first video up is the hardest, but the best thing that you can do.

We all have our insecurities and we ask ourselves so many questions, we doubt ourselves. But the truth is, why let all those insecurities and fear get in the way of what you want to do?

Take a deep breath, say you can do it, get it done. All it takes to start is one leap of faith and one video. One video can be the begnning of it all.

#4 TIP: Mess Up

Mess up, and don’t be afraid to mess up, as often as possible. It doesn’t matter if you mess up in a video, it’s part of life, of that moment, and sometimes, leaving those raw moments in can actually be funny.

The messing up moments are part of life so why not leave some of them in? It’s what in the end makes you authentic, real. Life isn’t perfect so I encourage showing some real moments even when you are messing up. And in the end, messing up is the best way to learn.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you can find the full video of four tips on how to start vlogging below. For more travel inspiration, make sure to check back for more.

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