It is true…something that you believed in so deeply. So fiercely. It is true that when that relationship or when that someone doesn’t exist anymore, your heart shatters into a million pieces.

All you end up doing is putting a smile on your face for everyone but then when you go back to your room you look at those pieces on the floor, and there’s nothing you do that can put them together now. Heal. No, not now.

When you put everything into that relationship and it all disappears in one day, in one moment, it takes away from all the other moments. For now. Because it is not healing. It just keeps bleeding. And the wound is deep.

But in all darkness there is light and in every broken piece of us something new will be born. A new part of us will flourish. Because even in pain we grow. We nurture ourselves with the love of our close ones, of our “happy place”.

It will. I need to believe that it will. And something enlightning and better and warmer and purer will come in your life.

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