Push me towards you. Push me away. Take my hand, you take it in all the cities, worlds, islands, land, sun, sea, sky. You take it beyond. Nothing is ever enough, right? You take me into another well constructed world.

The tab keep pulsating. The keyboard moves along with your eager fingers and writes. The tab moves, you erase. How many times have people done that? Written their first thought, first feeling, then erased them? Whereas if you speak to people, you can’t erase it, you’ve spoken it, it’s there, it will always be there.

The screen says 23.59. Hmm, not now.

The next days, you take me into your imagination. But you close the door, leave me there. Days and days, sunrise, sunset, sunrise and sunset, drinks, then another coffee, then another day, then another place, then another. The screen shows 12.03.2020.

Hmm, so fast. Maybe I should stop for a while. A photo pops up.

You take me to sip a drink with the background of that already built world, where everything is in the same place. There is a nice whispering sort of relaxing music in the background. You wanna go. Push me towards you. Then let go. As if in a staged pose of some professionnal dancers.

You take me in your cardboard car and drive me to infinity, to the craziest bluest skies, and offer views that seem unreal. You take me over cliffs, over pillow clouds. You push the pedal, it all goes faster. We are not in the cardboard car anymore. We are in a wooden house, it moves and tomorrow it will be gone. You close the door, the sun goes up, you go out. You break, then you accelerate as much as it can hold. You hit the sun, and it feels good. You think you’re standing in the sun.

Standing in the sun. Closing your eyes and thinking if you’ve done wrong. If you feel good. If it feels good, standing in the sun. Here, now.

The chair feels unconfortable. Let’s switch. The screen shows 04.50 AM. Hmm not now.

You buy the tickets, you hop on, you smile, you talk to the others, you imagine. The next constructed world. You feel a fragrance, a wind blows in your face gently, it’s a new beginning. You hope, you wait, you break, you imagine how.

Faster and faster everything fast forwards into just the changing of the hands of the clock, it’s been forever, my friend.

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