I have many friends who are planning their holidays to Bali, and most of them are staying between 1- 2 weeks. When you don’t have a lot of time to explore the whole of Bali, but you want to venture off Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud, I know just the place for you. Here is my two days Munduk itinerary in the north of Bali.

Bali’s Hidden Gem, Munduk

I heard about Munduk when I saw a photo on Instagram from the most famous luxury resort there. I had been to Indonesia already more than once, in Bali, but still never heard anyone say they want to visit Munduk.

Bali Getaway - 2 Days Munduk Itinerary North of Bali

Credit photo: Jordan Simons

The Road To Munduk

Hidden in the north of Bali, just outside of Ubud, about 2 hours drive away, lies the hidden gem of Munduk. This is an oasis. It’s a region that is completely unspoilt by tourism and that has kept its traditions.

It is fascinating how going outside of the super touristy center of Ubud, where you’re making your way to find a seat in a restaurant and feel hassled maybe by the vendors, lies the stunning Bali’s hidden gem.

The drive there is beautiful, if there’s not much traffic, and you will pass the region of Bedugul (where the famous temple Ulun Danu is located), and Tamblingan lake, a beautiful large lake with clear blue waters. You can stop by at a cafe alongside the road, sip a Milo with just 5000 rupiah and move on to your next destination, Munduk.

Bali Getaway - 2 Days Munduk Itinerary North of Bali

What Is Munduk?

Not many tourists come here, and generally speaking, most of the places they visit while in Bali are the more famous Instagram worthy spots. But Munduk is like a side of old Bali, untouched, preserved.

The villages nearby Munduk are Kayuputih and Banyuatis and you can find them along Lake Buyan at the west of Bedugul to Seririt. We stayed in Sanak Bali, part of Secret Retreats, and therefore in the village of Bueleng.

The story of Munduk and of its colonial guesthouses ( you see them all around), is that the Dutch came to this area to escape the heat from Singaraja and they started to built houses where they could come back and escape from the city.

Bali Getaway - 2 Days Munduk Itinerary North of Bali
Bali Getaway - 2 Days Munduk Itinerary North of Bali

Photo by Jordan Simons

Day One In Munduk – What To Do

Once you arrive in Munduk, and you checked in your guesthouse that most probably has a jaw dropping view over the rice fields and hills, it’s time to go out and explore. In our first day here, we stopped at some waterfalls, did a bit of hiking, sipped hot chocolate and biked around a lot!

Banyumala Waterfall

Address: Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81161, Indonesia

Entrance fee: 30.000 IDR/person, 2000 for bike parking

This was the closest waterfall to our place, Sanak Bali. It is also called the twin waterfall and you will see why. There was no one around, so it’s nice to be able to take as many photos as you want without having to wait in a queue! There was a girl who hired an Insta tour there though I think ! Well, I guess no Bali getaway can happen if it’s not on social media!

Bali Getaway - 2 Days Munduk Itinerary North of Bali

See the full video of our two day itinerary in Munduk here:

Golden Valley Waterfall

Address: Tutub, Munduk, Banjar, Bulelang, Bali 81152, Indonesia

Entrance fee: 10.000 IDR/person

This waterfall wasn’t on any itinerary, it was recommended by the hotel manager at our place. It was again a stunning waterfall, combined with a bit of intense hiking! But at the end, we decided to rest our feet a bit and sip a hot chocolate at the Eco Cafe, right next to the waterfall.

The region is big on vanilla, tea and coffee, so the drinks we had were absolutely delicious. Each business is locally owned and everything, from food to coffee is locally produced. At Sanak Bali as well, 90% of the food came from the village, and 10% from the rest of Bali.

Bali Getaway - 2 Days Munduk Itinerary North of Bali

Day Two In Munduk

We started off our day quite slowly, and had more of a “retreat” morning at our resort, which by the way, sits in the middle of the rice fields! The view while having breakfast is absolutely to die for, probably the best I’ve ever had.

Bike Around Stunning Scenery

For these two days of Bali getaway, if you don’t want to be rushing around and want to enjoy this place in all its serenity and greenery, then I recommend enjoying a slow morning then biking around till the afternoon, when it usually starts raining.

Bali Getaway - 2 Days Munduk Itinerary North of Bali

Sip A Cup of Munduk Coffee

Coffee and tea plantations are one of the symbols of this region, and if during the two day Munduk itinerary, it is something you need to try!

There are hundreds of coffee places to try in Munduk, one of them is the renowned Munduk Moding Plantation, but there’s also ones that aren’t even on the internet, such as Ecoffee Munduk. Sipping a cup of coffee surrounded by beautiful rice fields can be the perfect end to a chilled day, and you can head to a guesthouse with a view for a sunset drink and a balinese traditional meal!

A Bali getaway in Munduk can be one of the most romantic getaways ever. If you stay in a bamboo house, or in a place with a view, or in a retreat like the one we stayed in, where everything opened up and it was as if sleeping in nature, then you’re in for a treat!

Bali Getaway - 2 Days Munduk Itinerary North of Bali
Bali Getaway - 2 Days Munduk Itinerary North of Bali

Have you ever been to Munduk? Are you adding it on your itinerary now? Find out more about our travel itineraries here.

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