Jungle Trekking Trip
What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

Are you planning your next escape or adventurous holiday somewhere in Borneo, Thailand or Indonesia to see animals in the wild? If the answer is yes and you haven’t done it before, I am telling you from my own experience and from other travellers what to bring on a jungle trekking trip.

1. The Essentials

Being in the jungle is actually amazing and a bucketlist experience. I went into it without much preparation because I thought a pair of shorts and a t-shirt will do, as it can be really hot and humid. Oh well, but there are some things you need to know and items you need to have in your backpack.

I am not a fan of overpacking, even though I’ve been my entire life an overpacker. However, traveling full-time does change your idea of how and what to pack and it made me always squeeze in first the essentials everywhere I went without having to buy something extra usually.

Every woman or man has a different set of must haves while traveling, and it includes (yes, and I’m glad it does!) toiletries to start with.

Toothpaste, toothbrush, mini shower gel, shampoo, soap, razor, deodorant

I usually wrap my toothpaste and toothbrush in a bag so I don’t get all the mud and dirt on them and I usually buy the 10ml-30ml travel shampoos and shower gels. For a 1-2 day jungle trekking, I don’t carry my shampoo with me but that’s just up to you.

What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

Top tip: Bring wet wipes. They are legit so useful when you need to go pee in the bush (yep, you read that right, you didn’t think there’s just toilets built everywhere in the jungle,right?)

Ok so this might seem redundant, but a small reminder might help. I once went on two trips on the mountain where we were camping and forgot to bring underwear so it was a bit unpleasant!

Always pack your swimsuit when going on a jungle trekking trip! You will stumble across rivers, waterfalls and for sure you will want to jump in and cool down a bit after a long sweaty hike!

What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

2. Sunscreen

It might seem obvious to bring sunscreen when traveling to a hot destination, but most of the times, we tend to forget to go buy sunscreen and take it with us. It’s however, an essential item that can make your trip better or worse…

Sunscreen blocks the UV rays and it helps prevent rashes and skin burns. It’s honestly really unpleasant when after a day spent outside you can’t sleep on your back because you were in your swimsuit and your whole back is red and swollen.

Sunscreen comes in a variety of bottles, and there are some that contain fragrance or parabens that might itch your skin if you tend to be allergic. I would recommend going for a more natural product, and if you have skin isssues, with a hypoallergenic one or even sunscreen for babies with a higher SPF.

Top tip: use sunscreen for babies if you have a more sensitive skin

What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

3. Long Pants

When we arrived in Bukit Lawang for our jungle trekking experience, we had a briefing with the guide and he told us what we need for the trek. One of the most important items are the long pants. Why? Because leeches can get in and that’s not ideal. We only had shorts, so we went to a local shop and bought long pats, I bought myself a pair of camouflage pants actually, all for about 3$.

What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

4. Long Socks

We didn’t know this beforehand, but it’s advisable to have long socks (and at least 2 pairs), so that leeches and other insects don’t crawl under your pants. So long pants and long socks, perfect match for a trek!

What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

5. Hat

Talking about what to bring on a jungle trekking, the sunscreen and a hat is the combo that will keep you protected from the sun and feeling a bit cooler. I suggest bringing a cap for the trek and if you want some Insta worthy photos, another hat, but bear in mind that it must fit in your back or somehow be attached to you on your back.

What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

6. Spray

The anti mosquito spray comes in really handy when thinking about what to bring on a jungle trekking trip. There are usually around
90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Deg. C) during the day. In the rainy season there is an increased population of mosquitos, flies and insects of all kinds. So if you’re going on your jungle trek when the humidity levels are high, bringing an anti-mosquito spray can be relieving. You can also buy them at local shops all around, and sometimes they’re cheaper to buy from the country you’re visiting.

What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

Top tip: buy it from the place you’re visiting as it will be cheaper

7. A Trekking Backapack

You might already have your checked in luggage with you, which can be a suitcase or a backpack, and a smaller one for your gear. But what you will need to bring for the jungle trekking trip is a trekking backpack.

It can be anything from 5 litres to 15, depending also on how much time you’re spending there. You will have to carry your water and sometimes food during your jungle trek. For the shorter trips, for one or two days, you will need just a change of clothes and your essentials but I suggest keeping it really light and not having to carry a lot of weight while trekking.

Most of the times I rented a backpack from the tour company, as I just had my camera gear backpack with me and it wasn’t confortable hiking with it. Usually it costs around 10$ to rent a backpack on the trip.

Top tip: bring a rain cover for your backpack

What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

8. GoPro and Camera Gear For Cool Shots

When thinking about what camera gear to bring on your jungle trekking trip, I would say first, an underwater camera, such as GoPro. You’re probably be going on rivers, doing tube rafting, or going to waterfalls, and it would be awesome to capture those moments underwater.

There will be plenty of photo opportunities, so I suggest you bring your camera and various types of lenses if you have. You might get unique, once in a lifetime chances to be just a couple of metres away from the animals.

What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019
What To Bring On A Jungle Trekking Trip 2019

I hope you enjoyed this guide on what to bring on a jungle trekking trip. Let me know if you’ve ever been on such a trip before and see more of my adventures and travel advice here.

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