My dear, you float above it all. You seem to climb on cotton candy clouds and feed on bright orange and pink rays of sun. You are sometimes like a wild rose. You sometimes have spikes because you’re afraid people will hurt you. You say those are not your friends because they’re new in your life. They haven’t gained your trust. You smile with all your heart because that’s what you learnt. When you are happy there are no boundaries. You are free because you don’t like cages. You think “unconditional” exists. Unconditionally, I love you.

My dear, you don’t know where you are. You fly daily almost, you are far away. You feel far away is close sometimes. You thought you wanted a home. Sometimes that’s what your heart wanted. You created walls around you when she thought you were open like the skies. That’s why after all, you liked to drown in them. That’s why you liked going higher, and higher. Hard to reach, even, sometimes. It exalts you. You wanted to kiss her on the rooftop when you heard her voice. You thought for a second you could build with her. You had hope for it, sometimes. You touched the sky and ran towards it through heavy snow. When you close your eyes to sleep, after a heavy introspection, you go further, and higher. You caress, embrace, and say words that mean a thousand suns. And then another part of you comes in. You’re lost but you didn’t want to be lost in two.

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