5 Ways To Save Money for Traveling

Many of us dream of that eternal holiday, or of being a nomad and being able to travel the world continuously. We have the urge to go and explore the world, but we don’t know how to save up for the big trip. Here are some of the tips that I have learned in one year of being a nomad full-time to save money for traveling.

  1. Get the Cheapest Flight Possible

You don’t know where to start, you scroll through social media to see the latest trending destinations, but when you go online to book your ticket and the results are not the ones you were hoping for. There are a lot of tricks in order to get the cheapest flight possible.

First of all, if you are flexible on the date, you can scan the flights’ price for an entire month on browsers such as Skyscanner or Kiwi and choose the date with the lowest price. Secondly, if you are flexible on the destination, then things become even easier. You can search overall for the cheapest destinations that month from all over the world and choose the one that suits you.

Sometimes, booking a multi city ticket can be even cheaper, and you get the chance to visit one or two countries in the meanwhile. For example, some of the longest flights we’ve booked have been with layovers of over 8 hours in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, giving us time to go out and explore the city center for a bit before hopping on the next flight. If your goal is to see as many countries as possible in your trip, I suggest booking a one way ticket, visiting the country and then another one way ticket to the next destination, most of the times it turns out to be cheaper than booking a return.

5 Ways To Save Money for Traveling


2. Save Up on Accomodation For Your Travels

If you want to travel the world and save up money for more traveling, then one thing you can do is save up on accomodation. You might ask me how, and since I’ve actually been doing this for one year, I can now share the knowledge with you. One of the cheapest way to get accomodation has been for me Airbnb, for the simple reason that I get it for free. You might ask how, but all you have to do is share your code with your friends, family and on social media, and then you get free credit to travel.

We’ve stayed in amazing places all over the world, and most of the times we’ve paid almost to nothing. When the credit runs out though, we’ve searched for the best looking places for under 10$ and we’ve got pretty decent accomodation everywhere in that price range. If you don’t dream of always staying in luxury hotels, then this is a great option. There are also ways of staying for free on someone’s sofa through different apps and websites, so have a look before you decide to spend your pennies and you can save up more for the next trip.


5 Ways To Save Money for Traveling

3. Set Money Aside

Easier said than done, I know, but setting money aside while traveling in order to travel again is a must. Whenever you have a stream of income coming in, there are ways to make sure that the money stays in your account and doesn’t go on cocktails and evenings out. You have the option in your online bank account to create a vault or an economy account, where all your savings go and you can’t touch it until the set date and time. I found this is a great way to save up a bit and not run out of money during my travels. Or, if you’re not a techie fan, you can just bring with you the classic piggie bank!

5 Ways To Save Money for Traveling


4. Find Short Term Financing

Many of us run away from the idea of making a loan, we get scared by the fact that we have to pay back more than we owe. But nowadays there are many companies that got rid of this idea, and that can actually help you find short term financing. When you want to travel, this might not be one of the ways that cross your mind to save up for traveling, but small loans can help in a big way.

I have personally loaned from friends and family for now but I am considering getting a short term loan to finance some of my next travels. The benefits are that you can talk through your needs with a team of experts and even if you don’t go for a large amount of money, a small amount can help you move forward to the next destination and enjoy your travels.


5 Ways To Save Money for Traveling

5. Choose a Cheap Country To Visit

If you’re thinking of going to the Maldives, staying for one week, or Tuscany or somewhere fancy, you can forget about saving up money for traveling, as these places are incredibly expensive to live in. I suggest choosing a country such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia,or  Indonesia to spend a couple of weeks to explore, be surrounded by beautiful scenery and live like a queen/king for 10$ a day. Meals here are cheaper than in any parts of the world, and accomodation standards are quite high for just 5$/night. Consider spending more time in South East Asia, and you can save up some of your money, that’s what I did and that’s why I am staying longer in Indonesia. Besides the fact that these countries are stunning, you get the chance to increase your savings.

5 Ways To Save Money for Traveling

Hope you enjoyed this article about 5 ways to save money for traveling. There are many more ways to do this and I will keep sharing them with you. If you have used any of these ways let me know below! Find out more about my travels here.

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