One Day Trip to Thousand Islands – Escape Jakarta For The Day

Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital and largest city is a metropolis that embodies everything a big city can be. It can be a real concrete jungle and if you are spending a couple of days here and feel like you need a breath of fresh air, not too far away lies a dreamy tropical destination, Thousand Islands.

The Thousand Islands – The Indonesian Version of the Maldives

Now I’m not talking about the sauce we all use in our salads, but the Thousand Islands can be the perfect ingredient for an unforgettable day trip. You might think there are actually one thousand islands, but there are just about 100 islands in fact, and they alltogether form the Pulau Seribu Marine Park. It is a snorkeling heaven and a great place to be for those passionate about water sports. Thousand Islands can be the Indonesian version of the Maldives, so if you have just one day to explore, this is a must. I recommend staying for more than one day though to have time to properly discover the islands.

How to Get To Thousand Islands from Jakarta

It might be hard to think that this blue tropical paradise lies just a couple away from the busy and noisy Jakarta. Getting across is fairly easy. Depending on the budget you have, you can choose to go by a speedboat, or by public ferry. There are two harbors that can take you to Thousand Islands, but I suggest the one local people use, Kali Adem harbor. I also suggest you come early enough to grab a seat, if not, just prepared to stay on the deck admiring the view for a couple of hours.

Ferry to Thousand Islands

From Kali Adem harbor, locals usually take the public ferry, it costs around 50.000 IDR. If you feel like you don’t want to travel the local way however, you can opt for a speedboat, which costs around 200.000 IDR, and offers a more confortable journey. I personally like traveling the way local people do, so I would opt for the ferry. It’s always an interesting experience seeing how locals travels in their country.

One Day Trip to Thousand Islands – What to Do

So if you have only one day to explore this piece of paradise, I suggest you start with the Love bridge, which starts from Pulau Tidung. You can rent a bicycle and cycle on it, having the sea as a view on both sides. For snorkeling, I recommend heading to Pulau Pelangi. There even is a floating restaurant so you can enjoy your meals in a dreamy setting. You can go snorkeling, swimming, cycling, jet skiing, you can have fun on a banana boat or you can rent a boat of your own and go out to explore without waiting in between island transfers. If you want to experience the Indonesian version of the Maldives, you can consider extending your trip and staying in one of the floating villas for less than 1.000.000 IDR/night!

Let me know if you’ve ever been here, I would love to hear about your trip! Read more about my travels and recommendations here.


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