Here’s how this photo came to life and what the idea was behind it. It has reached almost 9 Million impressions, hundreds of thousands of re-tweets and shares, and it is becoming 2018 most viral photo. Why?

The Photo

The photo was taken by Jordan Simons, travel videographer & photographer, on the Batu Bolong beach in Bali, Indonesia. We went for some jogs on the beach and we couldn’t help but notice that the jogs were turning into “how to avoid trash” runs, there were parts where we couldn’t even step without having proper footwear. The photo shows a girl laying on the beach, seemingly ignoring the trash around me while enjoying ” another day in paradise”. That is why this photo is rapidly becoming seen by so many people all over the world.




The Idea Behind The Photo

Seeing all the trash being constantly washed up on the beach where we went almost daily made us think that maybe we can show it in a way that can have an impact. We took this photo but didn’t expect it to be shared by so many people from all over the world.

A few days ago I posted these photos to Instagram and Twitter with the idea that a few people might see them and change their habits.

Three days later and they have currently been seen by more than 6.5 million people! (and that’s just on my own Twitter post, doesn’t include all the reposts and news companies sharing it).

Honestly I’ve fallen a bit out of love with social media over the past year but this is a great reminder of the good that it can do. If even a small percentage of those millions decide to do something positive then that’s good to be a good thing right!

Also massive respect for Olivia being willing to lay down in this in her bikini – a long shower was needed after!

Jordan Simons

Being asked by some if the photo was Photoshopped, we also shared the video from that moment.

What We Hope For

We hope that this can maybe trigger something into people’s minds and can maybe contribute to changing their habits. We need to be aware of this global issue and every little step that we do can count. We hope you can help us spread the message and take more care of our environment.

What do you think about this photo and the growing plastic problem around the world? Let us know in the comments below.

See more about this on Brent Lindque’s blog, Goodthingsguy.

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  1. Crazy, im just getting into reading and posting to blogs, to think it took me so long to get this right!! So far some of the information I’ve found has been kind of Iffy, but overall its better than reading all the news thats on facebook these days!! Thank you for putting out amazing content I bookmarked your page and will be back to see what you post next!

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