It’s only one month till my birthday and Jordan has taken me on a surprise trip last week. I want to tell you all about it and as my weekly series, give you all the details!

My Boyfriend Takes Me on A Surprise Trip

First of all, it was a random Wednesday morning, I was in bed, feeling a bit tired and burnt out. I go outside, it’s raining, I make coffee, everything as usual. My boyfriend is a bit bummed by the weather and it seems a bit odd, as that doesn’t seem to bother him normally. I was about to fall asleep when he comes in and says “we are going somewhere, it’s a surprise. Just pack an overnight bag”. My eyes suddenly got bigger and I got out of the sleeppiness I was in , I was soo eager to find out where, how and what. We got on the bike, it started pouring and stopped for lunch ( at GoFresh). After that, it stopped raining so we made our way to the mystery place.

He Surprised Me with Insane Airbnb

The Road to The Insane Airbnb

Who knew the road would be a bit crazy? We biked for about an hour and a half, stopped for snacks, as he said I cannot buy anything once we get there. Bottle of wine, check, snacks, check! We finally arrived to what seemed to me a villa, but that wasn’t anything interesting, I thought to myself. We get out, someone’s waiting with a paper, they make him sign something. A guy shows us the way and he’s carrying a big waterproof bag, so I think to myself we’re going on a hike. Wouldn’t be a surprise really since we just did Kilimanjaro… We were high up on the cliffs and went 20 minutes down through the jungle. We finally arrived to the beach. It was empty, and I HAD NO CLUE WHERE WE WERE GOING. I spot in the distance, the bubbles.

He Surprised Me with Insane Airbnb

See my reaction in the video:

How You Can Stay In A Bubble Hotel For Free

Yes, first of all, I feel like I should mention, this was completely for free. If you sign up with my code on Airbnb, you get 30£ for free to use towards accomodation, anywhere in the world. You can also stay for free in an insane Airbnb, you can also stay for free in a bubble hotel. Steps to take: sign up with my code, book a trip, then share your code with your follower or friends. Simply click on Your Profile and then on Invite Friends, copy the link and wait for that sweet referral code to come in. Let me know if you booked a crazy Airbnb after seeing this blog post or our video!

He Surprised Me with Insane Airbnb

He Surprised Me With Insane Airbnb For My Birthday

It was the most insane Airbnb I have ever stayed in. We had the beach all to ourselves, we had a campfire, a Nutella pizza, wine, and an amazing bright orange sunset. We slept in nature, listening to the waves and we woke up to a view of the skies. It was such a romantic birthday surprise and a bucket list experience here in Bali. I never knew that the beach existed there in the South of Bali, hidden after cliffs and that it was so beautiful. All in all, I will never ever forget this and it was the most insane Airbnb and I would totally do it again!

He Surprised Me with Insane Airbnb

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