Welcome to episode three on My Life in Bali, Indonesia! I am each week really excited to share with you what we have been up to and also document my journey in Bali, Indonesia.

The Story of the Beach Cleanup in Canggu

Where We Live

We live a bit further away from the touristy area, in Canggu. It’s a place for digital nomads as you may already know and a great place to live, as it’s more peaceful and quiet. The views here are wonderful and there are so many rice terraces around. Hopefully, it will remain like that, a place more peaceful. We usually go to Berawa beach as it’s more chilled or to Double Six Beach. There are a lot of beaches where you can go for a coconut and watch the sunset, go for a jog or just sit and sunbathe. But what we saw since arriving here is not always as pretty…

Adventure Bag Crew Beach Cleanup Bali

Pristine Beaches in Indonesia?

Bali is known as a good luxury holiday spot, or for honeymoon holidays or just for its beaches, palm trees and scenery. If you haven’t been to Bali yet, don’t necessarily expect pristine beaches. The place is beautiful, the sunsets are probably the best sunsets I’ve ever seen, like the one below which is not even edited, but some of the beaches can be either crowded or filled with plastic that washes up.


Adventure Bag Crew Beach Cleanup Bali

A Big Problem and A Small Step

This is a worldwide issue, and Indonesia is unfortunately in the top of the most polluting countries when it comes to plastic pollution. It is a big problem everywhere and it has to do also with education and the way people see their surroundings. But there are a lot of individual actions that help with cleaning up the beaches. One of those initiatives is Adventure Bag Crew, started by Jackson Groves, a travel blogger who started gathering trash he found on hikes in a bag and taking it down, putting it into the right bins. From there, it scaled up and more and more people started to follow and share their stories on social media.

Adventure Bag Crew Beach Cleanup Bali

The Adventure Bag Crew

The Adventure Bag Crew started a couple of months ago, when Jackson went on hikes, saw the trash everywhere and decided to do something about it. He started to collect the trash in a bag and inspired others to do the same. They did it in Panama, in Philippines and everywhere they go on their adventures. They have used their online voice to spread the word about how we should treat our environment and not pollute. I think it’s a wonderful thing when people come together and try to help the environment. That’s what we did this Sunday, a small step into improving our surroundings.

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