When you think of Bali, you think of its beaches and amazing rice fields. You also think of Kuta, Seminyak, and the first ever tourist places, and of the recent crowds heading there from Australia or other countries. Bali has become known for its hip cafes, great beach bars, surfing and other amazing places with fresh food, be it vegan, raw vegan, western or Indonesian and especially for its villas and resorts. But Bali is lesser known for its empty beaches. That’s because they are not so much on the radar for most tourists.

Hidden Beach in the North East of Bali

We live in Canggu, Bali and our only objective for the weekend trip was to head to a less known beach. We hovered over Google Maps and chose a spot. Jordan had already been there some years ago and it is only a couple of hours drive from Canggu so we decided to head somewhere where not many people living in Canggu go to, Amed Beach. The road to Amed Beach from Canggu was a bit hectic, we were supposed to drive for only two hours, but it was longer. Be prepared if you drive for a couple of hours, take sunscreen with you and sunglasses, and I suggest wearing long pants and long sleeves.

amed beach bali an alternative two day trip

Padang Bai and its only eco resort

As a stopover on the way to Amed Beach, we had lunch in a beautiful restaurant with a 360 view over Padang Bay. The food was exceptional, we only had the starters, but that goat cheese was great! Oh and we also got vouchers at the entrance for some free Bintangs! Just perfect after a very long drive. The views of the bay are so beautiful and it is so peaceful once you get there. Apparently that resort is the only one in the area. Us and a couple of tourists were the only guests at lunchtime there, so you can see how much of a less known area Padang Bay and Amed Beach is.

Amed Beach Bali an Alternative Two Day Trip

amed beach bali an alternative two day trip

Amed Beach and its Views

After driving from Padang Bay to Amed Beach, it was sunset time. We got stunning views from our chair from the beach from the reggae bar of Mount Agung. The place is known for surfers and divers and for those who came to climb Mount Agung. Mount Agung is now closed for hikes because of the danger, but who knows, it might reopen soon. We stayed in an 8$/night place, but lovely room, and our balcony had a view to Mount Agung. If you want to book a backpacker place, prices start at 5$, but if you have more budget available you can opt for a luxury villa starting at about 30$ a night up to 80$. You can use my code and get 30£ for free on Airbnb and get accommodation anywhere in the world.

amed beach bali an alternative two day trip

Sunrise with a view to Mount Agung

We woke up for sunrise and was surprised to see that there were no clouds, and we could see its peak, beautiful view. After taking it in, we dived into the water, and had a swim facing the great views. It was a beautiful two-day trip and it culminated with us visiting Lempuyang temple. If you want to visit the whole temple, there’s 2900 steps, but we only went to the first one. The view was stunning and it was pretty empty at that time.

amed beach bali an alternative two day trip

I recommend strongly visiting Amed Beach at sunrise because you can get such good views. But if you want to also get a clear view of Mount Agung for your Instagram photo, then I suggest you stay one more day to catch another sunrise! 🙂

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