You might have seen from my channels my journey and that me and Jordan moved to Bali, Indonesia. This is a big step but also one which kind of would eventually had happened. Why? Because we both love Bali so much and we feel this place motivates us, so it felt natural to choose it as a base for the moment. In this series I will tell you all about how it is to live in Bali, Indonesia and how I moved here.

my life in indonesia episode 1

I am going to do a weekly episode (at least one post) about how my life here is and how it is to live in Indonesia. I hope you will follow me on this journey and it will just be more of a raw travel diary. I want to remember all of it when I’m old haha and I will read all my blog posts, see where I went, what I’ve eaten, where I stayed, and what adventures we’ve been on.

my life in indonesia episode 1

This time I am talking about how I managed to come from living in Bucharest, Romania to living in Bali, Indonesia. I’m talking all about it in my video but I also want to share some thoughts here and the overall story. It all started with quitting my job and chasing my passions. Sounds good and great, fabulous, but it’s so damn hard. But I wanted it so much. I wanted to go out and just explore or work hard for my dream. So in December last year I quit my corporate job and started travelling the world with Jordan. He had already been travelling full-time since some years now, and it’s beautiful to share this experience together.

It’s different, living in Asia, but it’s so beautiful and offers me so much inspiration. I think we have to keep being inspired so that we keep creating, and so that we don’t lose our sense of what we want. Sometimes we might, but let’s not forget why we started out for. It’s exciting to be in a bustling new place, but also one that can be quiet and peaceful at the same time, so I am eager to show you more about my life in Indonesia.

I am so excited and eager to explore more parts of Indonesia and areas outside of Bali and show you all of them! See more Bali recommendations here.



Watch here my video about moving to Bali, Indonesia:

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