Prague is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. We were there this year and we were suprised by how many options for accomodation we have! Therefore I decided to make a short guide to where to stay in Prague.

Where to stay:

Luxury, gothic villa, castle on the hill,you name it. You can enjoy luxury for a ridiculous low price while in Prague. You can get a stay at this sort of residence, for only 24£ a night. Or you can pay a bit extra to stay in a high end luxury loft.



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Where to eat:

What to visit:

  • Prague Catle
  • Vltava River

There is something for every budget, so if you are looking for cheaper options, yet comfortable and central, there are plenty to choose from, such as Penzion Sofi for just 11£ a night.

Or Hostel Na Smetance for just £5 a night.


travel guide prague

From Luxury to Affordable

There isn’t just luxurious apartments in Prague. On the contrary, there are so many cheap beautiful places you can enjoy your holiday. You can choose from high-end luxury lofts for a higher price to comfortable but very cheap rooms for just 11£ a night, as at Penzion Sofi.


where to stay in prague


Airbnb is also a great option when you’re traveling, I use it a lot everywhere I go around the world! It’s comfortable, you get your own place with a kitchen, private bathroom, you can cook, keep the costs low and feel at home in a city, which is ideal, especially if you’re traveling long-term.

You can get £30 in travel credit when you sign up to AirBnb using this link.

Hope you enjoyed this short tour on where to stay in Prague and let us know if you’ve been!

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