Skygarden London: a must see place in London

London is an exciting, vibrant city, with so many beautiful places to visit. When it comes to what to do in London or where to have a drink, Skygarden London was always the top choice.

Among the must-see places in London, such as London Bridge, the Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Regent’s Park, Camden Town, and I could name more, Skygarden London is a place that will amaze you. It’s located in the so-called Walkie Talkie Building, and it’s London’s highest public garden with a top-floor restaurant. Its views are unparalleled and it makes you dream just looking out into the skyline.

sky garden london food terrible

The Story

I had always wanted to visit and now the opportunity came. I went there with a very good friend of mine, and she had made a reservation beforehand (otherwise you can’t get in). I changed my shoes as I had walked all the way in my sneakers and thought this place will be fancy and won’t allow sneakers. After I got out of the elevator, what I came across was a stunning view of the city, lights everywhere and ambiental music. Wow, it looks amazing! We were seated and offered the menus, and I didn’t think it would be a cheap place to eat, but I also expected something chic,tiny and delicious. I ordered the gnocchi (for 14.50£) and a glass of wine, and I was getting really excited for my meal at this fancy restaurant with a view. What came out was much to my disappointment, a plate that looked like I put it together while I was in a rush, without even thinking if it looks good or not.


The Terrible Food Experience

It didn’t look apetizing or mouthwatering, not even neat and clean, a bunch of gnocchi thrown there in that plate, with a piece of parmesan on the edge, randomly. The taste wasn’t amazing, and it wasn’t a pleasant surprise from a place like Skygarden London. I was overall disappointed with this terrible food and would not eat here again, perhaps I would order the borough bread and butter, that seems like a safe choice. The wine was good, but the food didn’t appeal to me at all. Or maybe I’m spoiled from other places I ate in that at least made sure they had the food arranged all nicely in the plate. Or maybe I’m being fancy. Anyways, I would go there again, for the amazing views, but not for the food.

Have you been?

sky garden london food terrible



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