Even though it might not seem like it(stories on social media and etc), I always get this feeling before going away. This space on my blog hasn’t been used in a while, but I might start again writing here my personal stories. It’s like a sort of therapy, I don’t know how to call it, or a modern diary. It’s hard, there’s this homesick feeling before even going away. Especially if I’ve been at home for a while. Hard to leave though so eager at the same time. It’s a paradox, you wanna leave but you also want to stay.

I just miss so much with all my heart everyone that I wish they could come wherever I am. It’s soon a year since I started traveling full time and in between all these places, I find myself learning something new from each one and each moment. I also feel that when I come back to Bucharest, in the first days I’m confused, I feel like I don’t know the city anymore. (And I lived here for almost 27 years). And then, it turns into “oh it s so nice to see everyone”, to hug everyone. And then it turns into “hmm ok I could come back here”.

It would mean getting into a sort of routine, a rhythm that I also find in a lot of other places, I get used to things, to the smells of the markets, to the filthy streets, to the rain snow or too much sun, to the trams and buses and the same itineraries. Maybe that same routine that kept me going for long, I was in that rhythm, and I just went on with it, day by day, without even realizing much many times. What ‘s this called? Routine? Is this it? Or lethargy in some way ? Anyway it’s always hard when you don’t have your loved ones constantly next to you (though sometimes they might annoy you hahah), but we all spread our wings and we all strive for more. More than what we can get in the place we come from, more in the way that each of us imagines it. For each one of us it’s different and for sure we each have our own routines. But we just get stuck sometimes in this mini world. And there’s just so much beauty outside of our bubble. I know, I feel it, and I’ve felt it, it’s nice and cozy in the bubble, it’s like a pumpkin spiced latte in front of a fireplace in wintertime. But pushing the bubble aside we get out and inhale fresh air, fresh ideas and possibilities.

So it’s always confusing before going away again, maybe it’s homesickness, but so many possibilities await. And yes, I’d like to take them all with me everywhere I go!

Let me know your story if you travel a lot and what you think of this 🙂

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