I think some loves will never be this strong.

I think some loves are meant to be so deep they cut into your skin and they let your body breathe.

I think these feelings are not being felt anywhere else in the world by two other people, because what we have here today, in our room, is us. Our hearts being warm, caught on fire, eyes that search within you, within me, something they never knew they could search for before. And find.

I think there’s blessings that life gives us and that we either know how to cherish them, or we run from them. Maybe because we’re afraid. And I think there’s so much light where we don’t even look.

Sometimes we might think we’re not lucky. That we’re not in the right place, or we don’t know what to make of this world.

But within all this chaos there’s the simple things, that no money, internet, power, or whatever else can ever replace or even minimally make it better. There’s the smiles in the morning between two lovers, playing in between the white sheets,¬†¬†there’s friends and family that hug each other even though they might just fight all the time, there’s light in cold dark winter days if you look for it, there’s someone holding each other’s hand, there’s affection, kindness, purity, connection, and that something that warms up your body, your heart, stomach and makes your mouth’s wrinkles twist in excitement. There’s that feeling.

I think there’s something in your eyes, that tells me this world is good, or at least it can be, that when I smile, your heart smiles with me. That when I cry, I know you cry with me, because you feel me. All of this, because you feel me. That’s it, simple as that. And the simple things in life are what make life so extraordinary.

I think there’s some loves that stick with us forever, no one and nothing can break them, there’s simply no thing in the whole world that can take that unique feeling away, the feeling of home, wherever you are. That connection, that thread that links you, that touch that just would never feel the same if made by someone else. That breath in your breath and that hug that says more than a thousand words. There’s some people that find each other and they have no idea that they did. They just said”hi”.


p.s: the inspiration tonight for this blog post is Shallow, by Lady Gaga. Went and saw the movie tonight and it was brilliant.

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