Safari Tanzania, where I’ve been, what I wore and what my advice is after taking the trip!

I want to start sharing with you from my travels my fashion & travel experiences, therefore I am starting this series called “The Place, The Outfit”. I believe I want to share more than my Insta posts and videos, but also other photos that I don’t want to just keep in my camera 🙂


Serengeti Park, Tanzania

This is probably one of the most beautiful place I have ever been to. Partly because it kind of looks so unreal, so unique, that for the first day I couldn’t even believe I was there, someone had to pinch me! We went on for a three day safari, which meant sitting in the car for about 10 hours a day, spotting animals, and oh how an adventure it was! We saw about 40 lions, a lot of them really close to us, like 1 metre away, thousands of zebras, wilderbeest crossing in front of our jeeps, wild dogs, hienas, cheetahs!

Camping in the Park

We camped for two nights there. It was seriously one of the wildest experiences in my life! When I say that, it’s because our tents were exactly in the middle of the wildlife, with lions roaring at night (I had no idea those noises were the roars of lions, we just found out in the morning), and hienas scaring us at the bathroom door! But it was an unforgettable and epic experience.

The first two days were spent in the Serengeti Park, then in the Ngorongoro Crater. It is definitely a bucketlist experience, doing a safari in Tanzania.


safari tanzania how to dress for a safari




safari tanzania how to dress for a safari



safari tanzania how to dress for a safari

Photos by Jordan Simons

Follow him for stunning photos and videos from our trip <3


The Place The Outfit - Safari in Tanzania

Photo with the Canon G7x by me


Zara Maxi Cotton Dress

JORD watch

Meli Melo Paris black polarized sunglasses

How to Dress for a Safari Tanzania

Going Light for a Safari

Since I can’t carry all my wardrobe with me all around the world, I had to choose a couple of outfits for my trip in Tanzania and for the safari.I went with a cotton white dress from Zara, which btw, it’s super comfortable, and my JORD watch along with my Meli Melo black sunglasses and pink espadriles. When I thought about how to dress for a safari, I knew I had to wear lighter clothes and be ready for the camera ( I went for a white and yellow dress which goes with the deep orange shades everywhere), as well as feel really confortable for a safari in Tanzania.

safari tanzania how to dress for a safari



safari tanzania how to dress for a safari



Photos taken by Jordan Simons, edited by me in Lightroom with my own presets. If you would like to buy my presets, send me an email at


If you are thinking of going on a safari, here is my advice for how to dress and what to bring:

  • sunhat
  • polarized sunglasses
  • light clothes, preferably cotton or linen
  • binoculars ( if you wish to have your own,the car is equipped with just 1 binocular for 6-7 people)
  • sunscreen ( loots of sunscreen)

In case you are sleeping in tents:

  • a warm sweater
  • a warm hat
  • warm socks

Thanks to Diana Miaus this post happened, because her post on African Safari Outfit Inspiration motivated me so much to write again <3

You can find her article here. 🙂 Aand prepare for more of the Series “The Place, The Outfit”!

Hope you enjoyed my post! Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions about going on a safari,shoot away!
If you want to read about my experiences of traveling the world, you can check out my article about packing up my life and going to roam the world.



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