Hello there fashionistas! The September fashion craze has just started and even though I am far away in Africa, I am watching from afar the trends from the runway.

So we’re going to talk about Milan Fashion Week Spring 2019 trends and what fabrics designers have decided it’s fashionable to wear. Some of my favorite Milan Fashion Week Shows are ETRO, Versace, Moschino, Max Mara, Burberry.

My Favorite Shows from MFW SS2019


I love prints. I think patterns, ethnic styles, coats with big embroideries are all that make an outfit stand out. And that’s what a fashionista wants, right? The show was all about full-length print dresses, with a strong Italian vibe, a sense of luxury and craftsmanship. The first looks were multi-pattern patchwork blanket thrown over the shoulders of a girl wearing a full-length paisley-print dress.



For this show, the girl from the 90’s comes with a pop of color into Spring 2019. She is wearing a swathed micro-flower-print dress with a long, sheer black lace skirt, head held very high, walking confidently. The colors are bright, and it’s all about black satin dresses, plunging, slit, strappy, and asymmetric paired with tights.


Inspired from le MusĂ©e Yves Saint Laurent Paris, Moschino brings French style back into attention with couture tailleurs with grand waist-cinching bows and gorgeous wrap dresses. The silhouettes, the chapeaus and dresses with a bolt of fabric, it’s haute couture at its finest!

Fabric Inspirations

The creativity and explosion of colors and patterns from Milan Fashion Week SS 2019 brings a whole new dimension to the fabrics world. What we wear and what the designers propose is a mix of patterns, and materials that apparently might not go together, but when assembled they look stunning. For example, haute couture fabrics with denim, or lace with cotton. I noticed from Milan Fashion Week that an ethnic inspiration will influence more the streetwear, and we have already started seeing viscose blends, cotton blends with handmade flowers, symbols or shapes flowing naturally on maxi dresses or ruffled skirts or shirts.

When it comes to fabrics, we might not take into consideration what we choose, but as important as it is to have a statement oversized coat, , we can start having a look at what fabrics designers chose to put forward this season and get inspired. Feeling a material is important, as well as feeling the overall appeal of an outfit. Making a statement while wearing an item comes from the design, but also from what it’s made of. Whether it is tweed, silk, lace, wool, or rayon, the fabric makes a garment.

How will you get inspired this season?

P.s: special thanks to Tissura for inspiring me!

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