Wearing Stratum, a UK up and coming designer, in Asia. Yes, after my package traveled for quite a while!

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Curated Crowd, but if you haven’t, maybe it’s time you should! 🙂

It’s a new platform that supports up and coming designers that have a story to tell. They approached me to collaborate with them and what I love doing is also show my fashion & travel stories, so that’s how it all happened. But I’ll tell you the story….

It all started while I was in Asia, so getting my package delivered was a bit of a challenge. However, I managed to get it from the UK to where I was staying (and yes, it’s the same tent I was writing about in my previous posts! ) The joy of opening that package was quite big because it was the first fashion collaboration after a break from brand collabs. Now I like to say that I only work with brands that I like and that I would personally wear, not only just for the “collab thing”.

Stratum is a young brand, quite minimalist, easy to wear, super comfortable and also affordable. Lily Branfield started the brand in 2017, and I can tell by her extreme attention to detail how much passion she’s put into it. What I appreciate most is that personal touch, because I received a handwritten note from her thanking me and the person bringing the package to me actually 🙂 and it was such a sweet message. And I think fashion nowadays doesn’t have to be fast, doesn’t have to be just big brands, it’s so different when you get in touch with the brand itself and the designer. It just makes the piece more memorable.

Stratum pieces are mostly lingerie, and they don’t have underwiring, which makes them really comfortable. Recently I have started wearing just these sort of clothing, as by traveling so much, I feel that bras and tight clothes even leave marks on my skin. I worn the Quinn top during the day at the pool but also with my black gym pants in Tokyo ! So it’s the proof that bedroom pieces can work really good as outerwear also and in urban places.

Wearing Stratum - An Up and Coming Designer That You Need To Watch

Wearing Stratum - An Up and Coming Designer That You Need To Watch


Wearing Stratum - An Up and Coming Designer That You Need To Watch


Wearing Stratum in Asia even sounds exotic, but I think clean minimal underwear that can actually be disguised into streetwear is something we’ve been always looking for. It’s been so easy to wear and I hope you will enjoy these photos! Have a look on Curated Crowd and watch out for this new up and coming designer!

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