Festival de Cannes leaves us always in awe.

We love watching celebrities, discussing outfits, makeup, and finding out more tips and tricks about beauty. The biggest influencers gather on the French Riviera to celebrate and to inspire. It is a parade that brings the glitz, the glam, the fabulous and the charm of French beauty. This year, some of the looks we saw on the red carpet were strongly inspired by natural beauty, French soft touches alongside with the Hollywood boldness.

In this article I am going to give you 5 tips we learned from this year’s Festival de Cannes. And if you’re wondering how to get that glamourous look, I have some recommendations for you! L’Oreal Paris is the official partner and Notino comes with a series of lush products for this time of the year.

  1. The Bold Lipstick

A must have in any makeup case, the bold lipstick will mostly get you looking fresh even if you’re not wearing any other makeup. Be it on a pale face, a red lipstick brings a geisha sensuality to your overall look. You might say it’s a classic look, but it can be fresh, modern, romantic, edgy or delicate. The facial features of a woman are enhanced with the use of a strong lipstick. However, keep in mind this little trick, if you want your look to be perfect. Powder your lips before so that the color stays longer and the lines stay the same.

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2. The Very Black Eyeliner

Sometimes we struggle to find the best darkest shade of black eyeliner there is. Influencers have taken up this trend and almost all A-List celebs at this year’s Festival de Cannes wore black eyeliner to help them define their eyes and create a more dramatic look. With this eyeliner, you won’t have to struggle again if you want to achieve that cat-eyed look.

3. Glowy Skin

While we may go overboard trying to achieve the glowy skin, there are a simple few steps to that glossy look we see in magazines. The skin needs to be cleaned and hydrated before applying any kind of makeup product. Set off by using a hydrating setting spray and cream highlighter. Swipe a glowy powder with mineral crystals or on across your cheekbones, forehead, tip of your nose, cupid’s bow and brow bones. Try one that also gives your skin that extra boost, from the range of L’Oreal Paris makeup.

4. No Makeup Look

Easier said than done, the no-makeup look is a challenge for most women. This look requires a lot of basic makeup, such as foundation, powder and blush. The supermodels such as Bella Hadid have made it famous, and if you are not sure how to create one, I can give you some tips. After thoroughly exfoliating your skin, use a moisturizer or a creamy foundation, use concealer for your spots, use a neutral eyeshadow with shimmer and swipe it across your cheekbones and in the inner corners. Apply mascara and you’re good to go!

5. Smokey Eye Classic

The secret to a delicate smokey eye that doesn’t shock the eye is a nude lipstick and a white pencil for your waterline. As Stella Maxwell and Georgia May Jagger showcased at Festival de Cannes, quantity is also important when it comes to a smokey eye. Not overloading the eyes and keeping that fresh look can easily be done. Of course, alongside with a simple hairstyle you’ve got a perfect look for Cannes or any other event. Although it’s a classic makeup style, the smokey eye gains in subtility and grace when paired with a nude lipsticsk.


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