MVMT For Her is part of the MVMT brand, dedicated to women. It showcases watches and sunglasses that are a statement worldwide. It became worldwide Insta famous because a lot of people related to their philosophy. Being chic while traveling the world, whether it is on your travels, your home, or festivals is what MVMT is all about. Also, being chic doesn’t necessarily mean you need to break the bank, so all together it appeals to women and men who want to have that one accessory to complement their outfits.

If you’re watching their stories, you’ll immediately fall in love with the MVMT style! It inspires me to create more great content and it gives me energy, they’re sharing their stories flying all over the world, and creating a lifestyle around the brand. If I would think of three words to describe it, I would say: fashion, freedom, timeless. They’re also so open to doing blogger collaborations, so when they approached me, I was happy to start working with them.

So I am VERY happy to announce that I’ve partnered with MVMT to always stay chic during my travels!

MVMT for Her is a story of two creatives putting together a brand that grew through social media. And what I like about MVMT is that it’s more than just a watch brand, it’s a huuuge community. It’s a community of 4+ million followers, in love with the lifestyle and positive vibes that the brand gives. That’s why I decided to¬†#jointhemvmt too. For women, it’s also empowering, in my eyes. It portrays the travel girls, the everyday girls, the hot models, every woman out there who has a passion for staying chic, traveling and altogether has a healthy positive attitude towards life. Have you joined the mvmt?

Here is a short video of me in Bali wearing my favorite sunnies from MVMT, hope you like it!

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