Ok so the week between 9th- 14th April was a bit different than most weeks in Bali. Why? Because me and Jord have so many new exciting projects coming up that it required staying in a lot.

Oh by the way, do you remember from my last post that huge awesome villa we stayed in when we arrived to Bali? Yeah our monthly rent ran out so we had to move. We got a cheap place, with all facilities, for just £5/night, Adi Guesthouse.

However, we did kind of a food tour, going to all our favorite places as it was also our last week in Bali. (Yes, I know I am missing the other weeks from on here, but I’m uploading all of them soon) just bear with me please 🙂

Where we stayed:

Adi Guesthouse – Canggu

My Weekly Diary Journey Around The World Bali

My Weekly Diary Journey Around The World Bali

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Where we ate:

Dim Sum House – right on Berawa Road, me, my boo and his best friend went there one night to have an “all you can eat dim sum” night, and we tried almost everything on the menu! For just 99K IDR, which is about less than £5, we got all the dim sums we wanted, and by the end of it, we couldn’t even move :)) Total of dim sums eaten: 60. If you left food on the plate, you’d have to pay a fine, and that seems fair enough:) And you only had two hours to order as many as you wanted. And yes, if you’re wondering, I do share a lot of food in my weekly diary haha 🙂

My Weekly Diary Journey Around The World Bali


Satu Satu – rated as one of the best coffee places in Canggu, we went there almost each morning and sat down to do work. Their flat whites are good, but the Luwak Flat White doesn’t taste much. The prices are a bit higher, and in the last day we discovered On Warung right across the road, with amazing coconut lattes for half the price and an extended menu for Western and Indonesian food.

My Weekly Diary Journey Around The World Bali

El Ultimo Italian Restaurant – Seminyak

This is the one and only place for us in Bali. It cannot get better than this, simply put. They have the best bread and garlic butter in the world and the best food and drinks, live music and such a romantic lovely atmosphere. I would go eat there each single day, it’s that good! And yes, it’s a journey around the world, and some places remain with us forever <3

My Weekly Diary Journey Around The World Bali

My Weekly Diary Journey Around The World Bali

Bucu Cafe – My favorite place in Bali. It’s also the first cafe I ever went to in Bali and it feels like you’re in a retro movie or transported to another era! I filmed it all and the video will be up in the next days on my Youtube channel. And if you like Benedikt eggs, they have the best ones in town.

My Weekly Diary Journey Around The World Bali

Bucu cafe bali


What we visited:

I went to explore the Ubud Market and filmed the whole thing 🙂 I also did a bit of shopping so if you are looking for cheap souvenirs or beautiful clothing, such as flowy dresses, this is the place. You need to be patient though, it takes time and effort to bargain as the first prices offered are high, let’s say 500.000 IDR, and actually you could drop them down by 100.000 IDR. You need to know what you’re willing to spend on your item and ofer a fair price. For example, for small items, such as a man’s hat, I was willing to pay 50.000, from the initial price of 250K IDR. For dresses, from 400.000 IDR it went down to 100.000 IDR for me because I bargained for it.

There are a lot of clothing and interior design shops, so I did a selection of them in my video. The full shopping guide coming up soon 🙂

My Weekly Diary Journey Around The World Bali

What we did:

I finally put up my Indonesia Vlog and I worked on my second one, exploring Ubud Market. I worked on my Oh Kimono business and Jordan on planning the Travel Continously Summit. Which btw, it’s an awesome opportunity to learn blogging/vlogging and how to get paid to travel from the best, @jordhammond, @ourawesomeplanet and @thelifeofjord will be there!

WATCH my new Bali Vlog – Exploring Ubud Market

Also, we met up with @wanderersandwarriors, awesome people! They do give another cool perspective on travel couple photos!

We started our journey to Manila, Philippines late at night on Saturday, arrived at 3 AM and then slept in the aiport till morning.

We checked into our Airbnb at 8AM on Sunday and …spent the rest of the day sleeping haha:)

All in all, this was my week, hope you had a great one too!

You can also check out My Weekly Diary Journey Around The World Bali Week 1 here.





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