This is the start of my weekly diary journey around the world. First week, Bali.

I have been living in Bali for the past month and a half and I can definitely say it’s one of the places I would love to live in long-term.

I am also starting a series that my Travel part of my blog will focus on. And yes, it’s now not a “live” diary, but it will be soon when I catch up with the rest of the content I have since starting out in January. This is my weekly dairy of what I do while traveling the world. It’s going to be relating my journey, experiences, places, and real-life moments as I go. As you might know, I am traveling with my boyfriend, and we do everything together, and I have to say it’s amazing to have someone you love traveling with you.

I hope you will enjoy it and I hope you will stick with me while I upload also my past stories 🙂 It’s going to be full of destinations, Europe, Asia, UAE, and more to come. <3

Here it is, for now, the week between 2nd to 8th April 2018.

The week started after exploring waterfalls with Lost Leblanc, Whatthechic and The Life of Jord, with working on my new Youtube video, my first full Indonesia Vlog.

Where we were:

Canggu, Bali

We focused pretty much on work this week and stayed in, but went to coffee shops and dinner with Kara and Nate, an awesome travel couple!

Where we stayed:

Ombak Luxury Residence, Cemagi, Canggu, Bali

Got this huge villa, with a pool, bedroom with a view to the rice terraces and rooftop with a view to the sea for about 400£ per month. You can also stay in an amazing villa if you sign up on Airbnb. By using my code you get £30 FREE of travel credit!


My Weekly Diary - Journey Around the World- Week#1 Bali


My Weekly Diary - Journey Around the World- Week#1 Bali


My Weekly Diary - Journey Around the World- Week#1 Bali


My Weekly Diary - Journey Around the World- Week#1 Bali


Bagong Guest House

Right in the center of Canggu, it’s a pretty standard room, no breakfast included and it’s a bit more pricey, £15/night. You can probably get a better deal for this price but we were in a hurry to find somewhere to stay for a couple of days.


Where we ate:

Betelnut Cafe – one of the best places to eat in Canggu. Fresh, healthy food, well made and big portions. Love their wraps!

Warungs – they are everywhere, on every street. They’re dirt cheap (50 cents for a full meal), and usually very good. I opt for rice with chicken and veggies and their traditional spicy sambal sauce.

District – Also a co-working space, okish food, nice breeze and view. Perfect spot to work from, but the internet sometimes struggles. I guess you can’t have it all..? 🙂 Also, the food and drinks are a bit pricey.

Moana Fish Eatery – rated one of the best restaurants in Bali, I couldn’t say it’s one of the best. It didn’t impress me, especially with the main course, but they do have good tuna tacos and nice atmosphere. We tried it out because everyone was telling us to go so we had to 🙂

Crate Cafe – There was sooo much hype about this place, I went there about three times, saw there was a queue and then said ok I’m not waiting for food. But we had to come back and see why it’s so popular. Omg, the food…is soo amazing. Such big portions and it tastes soo good! And overall it’s a cool place so it’s definitely a must!


What we did:

We went out to The Lawn for sunset drinks, as per usual. If you live in the Canggu area, The Lawn and Old Man’s are pretty much the main two places where you can go out. Also, there was a gig on Friday, live music with Dub FX, so that was cool.

We also went to Skygarden for Sunday roast, all you can eat and all you can drink with just 100.000 IDR. Cheap and great, what can I say?

I tried to dye the egss red for Easter as it is one of my traditions, but it didn’t turn out as expected. Back home we take some days to cook, and prepare for Easter, it’s a biiig family celebration for us. This time I celebrated with brunch at Crate hehe:)

Also, I finally put up my first Indonesia Vlog. You can watch it here!

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