Going on your next adventure and you have no idea what to pack?

Don’t worry, I’ve got a complete packing guide and lots of tips for you!

1. Choose the right suitcase

Generally speaking, there are only two types of luggage: wheeled suitcases and travel backpacks.  Depending on your travel style, you can decide which one suits you best. For travels that are more short-term, I recommend the suitcase. It can be a weight “off your shoulders” and plus, it can be a chic addition to your travels. The AWAY bigger carry-on suitcase is perfect for my short-term travels. It’s a light suitcase, with a sleek design and It has an built-in battery that can charge any USB device. How cool is that? You can check it out here, I got the medium one, blush color.

  • Tip: Go for a lightweight suitcase that you can carry by yourself, preferably that has already a compression pad to help you free up space.


packing guide

2. Organise

Even though you might have all your stuff scattered across the floor, trying to make out what to put in your suitcase, you need a bit of organizing if you want to fit it all in and in the end, close the suitcase without having to sit on it (though I know, we’ve all done it).

Did you know that there are packing cubes you can use to put your clothing into categories? These might come in handy, especially for underwear items, socks and nightwear.

  • Tip: Packing cubes and folders come in handy and help you save up space in your suitcase. There are also compressed travel storage bags for your clothes that you can use.


packing guide

3. Plan ahead

It happens to me each time I pack, even though I have packed so many times for all my travels. I always end up choosing 15 dresses, 20 skirts, and 10 t-shirts. Well, I have learned that the rule of taking out 50% of what I put in really helps. If you think you need 10 pairs of trousers, take 5. Or even less. You are most likely going to buy more when you go to new places, so keep some room in your luggage for possibly new items too.

  • Tip: Avoid one single use clothes. Choose items that can be worn several times or that mix well with other items to create more outfits. Try to plan ahead, think of the place you’re going to, and make a couple of outfits that you can always switch . It’s called the art of mix and match, is it?😊


packing guide


4. Accessorize

Now this doesn’t mean carrying around all your jewelry boxes, all your hats and scarfs and so on. Choose 1 accessory for each category to take it with you. This way, you can give a fresh new look to your outfit with let’s say a french scarf, kitten sunglasses, or an oversize hat for the beach.

  • Tip: Buy local accessories, you can get them for a bargain and they can give an authentic feel to your outfits. I personally sometimes buy scarfs, headbands, statement necklaces from the places I’m travelling to and they make a great addition to my photo diaries!


packing guide

5. Reserve space for essential gear

If you have several electronic equipment, you may not want to carry it all in your hand luggage, as it can be quite heavy and uncomfortable carrying it all around. Adapters, batteries, speakers, cases or anything that is non breakable can be put in a separate bag in your checked-in luggage.

  • Tip: Leave items such as laptops, cameras in your hand luggage, but keep batteries, adapters and other accessories in your checked-in luggage. You can buy a special protection travel bag for your gear so that you can add those in your suitcase.


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