Boracay is a must see !  Me and my partner traveled to the Philippines to explore two islands this January.

Our first stop was a rather remote island, Tablas, which you will see all about in my next posts. The second stop was probably the most popular island of all Philippines, Boracay. It is also one of the best islands in the world, so we figured why not see what it has to offer?

However, not a lot of travel blogs cover updated information about how to get around. So here is our experience and top travel tips for how to get to Caticlan Airport (also known as Boracay airport) from Boracay.

Philippine Pesos

Philippines uses as currency pesos. Just to give you an idea of the prices, here you have three main points of reference:

  • 1 USD =51.6945PHP
  • 1 EUR=64.3976PHP
  • 1 GBP = 72.9720PHP


boracay to caticlan

Transfer from the hotel to the port in Boracay

If you choose to get a transfer from your hotel in Boracay to Caticlan airport, the prices range from 350 to 550php or even more, which is between 5 £ to 8 £ or more. This is one of the most expensive options.

If you do it on your own, you can hail a tricycle (price maximum to pay is 120 php) from your hotel to the port, Cabgan Jetty Port.

A couple of years ago, you will find in most travel guides, the price was of 25 php per person. Turns out prices have gone up..but don’t pay more than 120 or 150 php for two people.

  • Tip: If you have less luggage (we had 4 big bags), and you are 3 or 4 people, the price should stay the same. You can hail a tricycle literally from anywhere. There might be other bigger tricycles with more people and you can pay even less than that, but we just went for the one we saw down the street.


boracay to caticlan

Getting from the Boracay Port (Cabgan Jetty Port) to Caticlan Airport

From Cabgan Jetty Port you will have to take a boat to Caticlan port. In all over the Philippines you pay extra fees (environmental,terminal,etc) so this is no exemption. The fee for the terminal is of 100php per person.

The ticket for the pumpboat is just 25 php per person. It goes fast and takes about 10 minutes to Caticlan. From Caticlan port you can either walk through the traffic to the airport as it’s very close or get another tricycle. It is just 25 php per person, when you step out you see a ticketing table and hundreds of tricycles. It’s well organised and they show you where to buy and which one to get on.

  •            TIP: Be aware that when you are in Cabgan Jetty Port you will be assaulted with offers to take you to the airport, all with ridiculous prices such as 500 php. I suggest taking the pumpboat, cheap and quick.

Therefore, our journey from Boracay departing from Station 1 to the Caticlan airport took about one hour.


Summary of price trip for one person:

  • tricycle from hotel to Cabgan Jetty Port: 60php 
  • pumpboat to Caticlan: 25 php
  • terminal fee Caticlan: 100 php
  • tricycle from Caticlan to airport: 25 php

TOTAL: 210 php 

So I suggest arranging the trip yourself and thus it will amount to half or even more cheaper than the prices offered to you. If you are looking for things to do while in Boracay you can always check this one out.

Have an awesome trip!


P.s: READ MORE about my trips to ASIA in my Travel section. Many more to come !


boracay to caticlan




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