If someone would have said to me, you know, one day you’ll travel all over the world I would have been like “oh, come on, are you serious?” I would smile and in my mind I would say “hmm…but I’d love to! That would be soo amazing!”

I started my blog because I had a passion for fashion. I started doing something for my dream whenever I could. And though it sounds good it’s not enough. I traveled to about 10 countries and I loved it every time I hopped on a plane and went to explore.

Time passed and I never forgot about my passion. I tried, I went to London, did an internship at one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, but this industry is ruthless. I kept on. Trying, learning. Trying to squeeze in blog posts, photo shoots, in between my full time job and other projects.

Here I am,today, REALLY starting on my dream. I am packing up my life and going to roam the world. And what can be more amazing than doing that with a special person?

What I want to say to you today is that you must never give up. And if you have that feeling of wanting to pack your things, grab a ticket and start on a new adventure, just do it, regardless of what everyone else says. Don’t give up, keep at it. One day it will happen if you put hard work into it.

I don’t have a plan, I don’t have any gigs lined up or whatever, I am jut going after my dream with all I have. There’s a good saying, “do with what you have”. If you put all your efforts into what you want to accomplish, and go fiercely after it, be sure that your efforts will be rewarded.

Dare to dream high. High enough…that way you will always do more in order to reach your goals. Be kind. Be restless. Be happy. Be joyful. Be crazy. Be free. Be a wanderer. Enjoy your journey and roaming the world.



go roam the world

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