Times are changing. The year’s changing. Plans are changing. People’s lives are changing.

This year has been amazing for so many of us.

Be it that we fell in love, or quit our job, or earned a promotion, started our business, got an addition to the family, lost something, cried, overcome obstacles, got engaged, or moving to a new country, or planning trips.

This is a time for change. It’s everywhere, I feel it, and I think you do too. Look around you, did you make a new best friend, or forgave someone, or missed someone, orĀ  changed something in your life or attitude. You smiled, and you ran freely, you dreamed, you created, you embraced someone, you gave. All this means joy of life. Many of you who will maybe read this and say, new years, new beginning. But it doesn’t have to be new year’s eve to be a new beginning.

Think of what started for you this year, that moment, keep it in mind. Your new beginning is each day, and that’s something we should all cherish.

Time for a change, so how are you welcoming 2018?



new years 2018

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