we love. Have you ever thought of how you love? How much, how we give it all, how we don’t and step back. How we hold, show or develop feelings. How we connect to the other next to us.

I haven’t written in a while now here, not because of lack of inspiration. But I guess I was caught up in work, getting on to new stuff. But I think about love every day. Might sound stupid to some and too dreamy for others. You might even not believe that it’s possible to think daily about love. But I do.

I feel it and I can’t help it not to think of it. It is amazing, it is one of the wonders of this world. Without love, I don’t know how millions and millions of people on this planet would feel. How they would wake up, get on with their days and so on, and not feel anything. Not feel love, not get to know the amazing kindness that is created between two people.

How we love, oh how we hold our dear one, how we take care of their soul and caress them in the morning, kiss them slowly, and harder, and embrace them with all we have.

And what is more important than having someone to rely on? Who has your back no matter what, who doesn’t judge, who doesn’t expect.

All the magic in the world, I think, resides in love. Not just towards a person. It can be towards your pet, towards a place, a sunrise, anything you want to. But caring about something or someone so much, makes your heart so fragile, yeah, but at the same time so strong. It is full of emotions and that will be what saves us. Mornings in their arms, Christmas eve under the lights, on a plane, sleepy, without makeup on a crazy Sunday morning.

Everything is there…how we love it, comes to us. But love harder, love the hardest.




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