13 days till Christmas Eve. A magic moment where everyone gathers to celebrate family, joy, tolerance, and rejoice each in their own way.

Since we got some cheap tickets from WizzAir, we thought Cluj would be an amazing destination. Besides exploring the city and also it surroundings, we spent a LOOOT of time at the Christmas Market! I can’t even count how many mulled wines we had haha:)

It was magical, the whole city was decorated, and the thousands of lights in the Christmas Market made it all so beautiful.

What do you do for Christmas? Is there any place you will go to or you’d like to go to?

I am happy to show you some of our photos  from there aaand if you haven’t seen it yet, check out @thelifeofjord‘s video on Youtube. And stay tuned, because I will put mine up soon! You can check my video on Bali here.







Cluj Christmas Market



Cluj Christmas Market




Cluj Christmas Market



Cluj Christmas Market



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