Giiirls, watch out for this, one of your favorite fashionista has just launched the first app for hyper curated shopping!

‌From 1st December, VILLOID will enable style influencers to sell direct to their fans and the public, through their own shops and a revamped website.  Isn’t that cool? I had a look on the app and website and I have to say that I love the fact that it kind of looks like a retro magazine but also includes such a cool selection of stuff!

‌This also means that one shop a day will be launched, starting with Alexa Chung (naturally), and each shop owner approved by her. VILLOID wants to support young emerging designers, giving them a platform to sell their beautiful clothes to the world, and I might get on it too once I will have my line of jewelry launched! I am actually also thinking of including items from aspiring designers in here in my next posts.

Of course, the news broke on Vogue also, where she tells the mag

I love the thought that there’s a whole generation of talented kids out there, at universities and art schools” . “We don’t know who they are yet, but there’s the next Donatella or Coco sitting at a sewing machine right now with bleeding fingertips. Villoid can give them the platform to reach their potential.

Check it out here and let me know your thoughts!:)









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